Wednesday, January 19, 2011

52 Books 52 Weeks :: 2010 Review

When 2010 began, I set off with a goal of reading 52 books, essentially 52 books in 52 weeks. A book a week. As I read avidly myself as well as aloud to the kids, I felt sure that I could accomplish this. I made a mental note, however, that I would only count chapter books - not everybody books or picture books that I could read cover to cover in under an hour.

I started off well and many months, I read more than what was necessary each week to meet my goal.  By mid-year, however, wouldn't you know it ... I began to lose steam.  In November, I started The Pillars of the Earth, a book I had been wanting to read for years.  Though I really enjoyed the story, it took me several weeks to complete.  I would pick it up for a few days and then set it down for a week.  It thereby took me forever to complete.

I am quite impressed however ... In the end, I was just 4 books shy of my goal.  I enjoyed this challenge much more than the reading / book challenges I have done in the past.  It was far more flexible than the 888 or the 999 challenges.  Therefore, I will again strive to achieve this goal in 2011.

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