Monday, October 25, 2010

52 Books 52 Weeks :: Catch Up

Early in the year, I challenged myself to read one book each week for the entire year.  I started out really well and then as summer came upon me, I found myself out doors more frequently and was less inclined to curl up on the couch or in bed with a book.  This morning, I came across a blog of a friend, my corner, and discovered that she, too, was taking part in a similar challenge. I hadn't even realized that there was an online community doing this same challenge ... though I should have suspected.

I thereby jumped over to the spreadsheet I created in the early part of the year and along with my Goodreads account, brought it was up to date.  38 books thus far (assuming I didn't overlook one).  Not too shabby.  I should be able to succeed if I continue forth and resume reading as avidly as I had at the start of the year.  Now if I could just stop reading twaddle and resume my quest to read the classics I never read in school.

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