Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finding the Time

A friend of mine recently posted [When Does Mommy Read?] about her realization that, "I laughed at myself, today, when I realized I have a book hidden in every room of this house.  You never know when you might have a moment to escape!"  I couldn't help but smile for I do the exact same thing. 
I have books scattered all about the house .. in hopes that I may be able to steal away even a few minutes to myself.  Here is a sample of what I'm currently reading:
  • In the Bathroom:  There's always a USMS Swimmer or Runner's World magazine nearby when I need my space.  Just last week, the latest Viking magazine arrived and I promptly placed it in the basket.
  • In Bed: Currently, I am reading Sigrid Undset's Kristin Lavransdatter.  To be honest though, it has been on my bedside table for some time now.  The old style verse is rather difficult to follow and I tend to get swayed by more modern books. 
  • In the Hallway:  Can you believe I actually have a book here?!  Every evening, as the kiddos brush their teeth and prepare for bed (at least that is what they are supposed to be doing - it doesn't usually happen as easily as I wrote it) - I lay on the floor between the room and read aloud.  Presently, I am reading Who is William Shakespeare? (a short biography my daughter selected) but in the next day or two, I will begin Julie of the Wolves.
  • In the Office:  Though all our books are here as it serves as our library as well .. the only thing I actually read here are the many blogs of yours .. and those of other homeschooling moms. I glean so much inspiration from others.  Thank you!  Oh and Facebook!  It drains more time than I care to admit, and I don't even play the games!
  • In the Kitchen: I'm always reading a cookbook or two.  Right now, I am continuing to work on my Cultural Skills pin in Cooking (level 2) through Sons of Norway.  I thereby regularly review Beatrice Okanagas' Scandinavian Feasts.  I also am very fond of the cookbook, Fix It and Forget It with which I am becoming quite skilled with the crock pot.  A good thing considering how frequently we are out & about for extracurriculars and school activities.
So, what are you reading, friends?  I'd love to hear what reading material sits by your bed, or on your kitchen table.  Where do you most enjoy reading?  When do you most enjoy curling up with a good book?

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