Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seasons Change

One of my most profound realizations occurred about a year ago in a woman's study group. The focus of the group was to learn from one another - strategies for dealing with typical issues of parenting (quarrels between siblings, getting dressed and out the door without conflict, teens expressing their individuality, etc.) I don't recall the exact scenario that prompted the statement but what I do recall were the words of an older mom (her children are now in college). She said there are seasons to everything - even raising children. Her words really struck a note with me.
This summer, the kids in our neighborhood have seemingly transitioned from young toddlers holding mommy's hand and content with the occasional playdate to young adventurous young children seeking out playmates on their own. They'll head out the doors with their bike helmets and zoot about the in the cul-de-sac and the driveways of our neighbors. One by one, the training wheels have been coming off.

To celebrate their recent interest in cycling, DH and I were motivated to go for a run while the kiddos tagged along on their bike. For the first time - we didn't have to push them in the jogger or pull them in the trailer! Though the pace was quite slow - we managed to cover over 3 miles. All the while, I couldn't stop smiling. The season is changing yet again.

Before winter is upon us, I know that I will be able to go out for an easy or moderate run as the kiddos accompany me on their bikes. A training cycle is about to begin and how much more enjoyable it will be with my little buddies along side me.


  1. I let my 14 year old ride his bike to the video store, about 3.5 miles. He called and wanted me to come pick him up. LOL... I, of course, made him ride back...

  2. Amara's training wheels came off this month and before I knew it, she was biking as I ran or she was cycling alongside me in the parks. I love it. Yes, I cried when the "season" changed but I'm so proud it did!

  3. Just signed up for Eugene- so I'll be there.
    Would like to do Boise again, but haven't committed yet.


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