Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brute Squad Postal Challenge

One thing I know about me is that in order to exercise regularly - with any level of intensity - I must have a goal or a challenge in front of me. A race I've registered for or a new distance to run. Just getting out there for the sole purpose of exercise doesn't cut it. To lose a few pounds has never really appealed to me - I've never been too caught up in body image. For me - there has to be an added bonus. To be able to say to myself - 'Wow! I did it!'

My next marathon isn't until April 25th of 2010. I need to build a base between now and January. I haven't really started running regularly yet - I have barely been swimming. The past few weeks I've wondered where I was going to find that carrot to dangle in front of me. As of today - I need look no further. I have found my new challenge... the Brute Squad Postal Challenge.

At Masters today, I had arrived early and after swimming 400m freestyle warm-up, I thought to myself, "I should swim a 100 IM and then follow up with a 200 IM so I can check it off my list for the Check Off Challenge. The 100 was pretty straightforward - we've done those in practice in the past so I wasn't too concerned. My lane mates still had not yet arrived so I proceeded forth with my plan to swim the 200.

The second 25m of the fly was gruesome. I started to lose rhythm but pushed through and reached the wall just as Roger stood up on the hull and says to me, "Starting out with the fly?! Float like a butterfly... sting like a bee!" I laugh, "Something like that. I wanted to check off the 200 IM - just to say I've done it!" "You go girl!" It was a good thing he engaged me in conversation - the little reprieve was needed.

When I touched the wall after the backstroke, Roger and George were both there cheering me on. "Half way there! Woo hoo!" On to breaststroke - my form really began to decline. Then freestyle - finally home free. When I finished, George pointed out that my turns and kicks weren't legal - had I been in competition, I would have DQd. Oooh. So, does that not count for the Check Off Challenge?

Bob says I need to do it again. In fact ... he goes on ... you should do the Brute Squad Challenge in November. He goes on to give a few details (essentially I need to swim a 200m fly, 400m IM and a 1650m free within a 24 hr period) and says, "That is exactly why we have this challenge. For people just like you!" Ahhh. That is just the thing to say to inspire me - to challenge me. How do coaches know this?!

My plan to accomplish this...
  • Practice butterfly stroke everyday I swim.
  • Swim 3x week.
  • Get individual instruction in butterfly.
  • Practice turns at each wall for the IM - 7 different turns (fly to fly, fly to back, back to back, back to breast, breast to breast, breast to free, and free to free).
  • Core training with Kyle.
  • Run! Build up my aerobic base!

The swimmer who says it can't be done, is passed by the swimmer doing it.


  1. Sounds like a plan! Good luck! You're so right, it keeps you on the up and up to actually be working towards something.

  2. I am not brave enough to do "fly". I've never learned to dolphin kick...

  3. Urgh!!! Come to find out DH has a community obligation the day of the Pentathlon Challenge at which he strongly desires my presence. I won't be able to do this afterall unless I do it on my own - I wonder if I can work out something w/ Bob? It just needs to be done in a 24hr period... Must put my thinking cap on and see if I can't find a compromise.


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