Friday, January 23, 2009

My Woes and Frustrations

Despite my recent doctor visit and steroid use anti-inflammatory prescription, I am still struggling with Plantars Faciitis in my right heel. I am both frustrated and annoyed. I had big plans for 2009. A fun list of races I wanted to run... even a few triathlons.

I have been very careful to stretch well after every run. I ice my heel & arch periodically throughout the day with my foot elevated. When I wake up in the morning, I am methodical about massaging the area before I put any weight on it. In doing all of this - I don't hobble around each day. I notice the discomfort a few hours after my run and a sometimes a little in the morning. All of these measures are helping dramatically. But is it enough?

The Eugene marathon is just around the corner. I haven't registered. And thus - I haven't been following my training plan. I haven't been following any plan, really. To make matters worse - I haven't been on a long run in months. My heart, I suppose, just hasn't been in it. I haven't been pushing myself.

I am now in a quandary. Do I even have the time to put in adequate training for Eugene on May 3rd? Should I perhaps do the half instead? To do either - I need to stop farting around and get focused. But should I? DH thinks I should give up running, "I think you should stick with swimming." Why can't I have both?

I continue to debate with myself. I hope you all have some words of advice. Words of wisdom.

Thursday 1/22:

Masters - 400m warm-up mixed stroke; 350m w/fins; 10 x 50m freestyle drill w/fists; 8 x 150m (odds pull / evens whatever) = 2450 m

Wednesday 1/21:
Tempo Run - 1 mile easy; 4 miles at GMP (goal marathon pace): 8:34, 8:15, 8:14, 8:25; 1 mile easy = 7 miles

Tuesday 1/20:

Monday 1/19:
Masters - 300m warm-up mixed stroke; 200m w/fins; 12 x 25m fly drill w/fins; 12 x 75m freestyle (? I don't really recall what stroke we were doing on this set) = 1700m

Sunday 1/18:
1 hour snowshoe walk (1.75 miles) with the kiddos - at their pace. A little sledding thereafter.

Friday 1/16:

- 400m warm-up mixed stroke (was that all? I don't recall exactly); 36 minutes of 100s on 2:05 - I did 16 = 2000 m


  1. Would love to see you in the Half (at Eugene) But pf can get worse if aggravated by extra miles...
    Good luck in your final decision : )

    PS. We are heading over to Coos Bays for a Valentines getaway next month. Any Must See areas?

  2. Oh! Yes - Many Must Sees ... I'll email you. :)

  3. have you considered ART therapy? Also, I've heard that PF can be caused by your calf muscles pulling on your Achilles. Just some thoughts...

  4. A long time ago, Eric solved his PF problems with superfeet insoles, and then a switch to different shoes. Now he doesn't even use the insoles.

    As for giving up running, do you love it? Do you want to go for a run every day, even a short one? I love and need my daily 5 miler, I could give up distances and races, but not my daily run. Do you feel like that? The other thing that I would say is that it is hard to focus on training with young children in the house. Maybe you don't need to give up running, but just put off the distances till the kids are a little older and more self-sufficient. I didn't find time to race, and then only 12K or less and occasional, till they were elementary age. Anyway, I hope I gave you some food for thought!

  5. Hey makita--I've never had PF, but my husband has, and he does two things that seem to have alleviated it. He keeps a frozen 1-litre bottle for rolling along the bottom of his arch whenever he has to sit, and he has a long strip of cotton that he lays out and uses his toes to gather it under his foot. he swears that it has made all the difference...Just a thought.


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