Wednesday, January 14, 2009

5 Tenets of Running

At Sweetie's Taekwondo class yesterday evening, I overheard two of the moms conversing about Taekwondo and the other classes offered at the dojo. One was explaining how much she enjoys studying TKD herself and how much she has learned not only about the sport itself but also how to protect herself and how to stand up for herself.

She explained that the principles of TKD have really helped her in her everyday life. She elaborated and offered a couple of examples - of which I heard only snippets. As she was talking though, I began to think about this philosophy and how I, as a runner, also strived to achieve these goals. Each one of the 5 tenets of Taekwondo are applicable to other sports as well, particularly running and swimming as they too, like Martial Arts, are individual sports.

Courtesy is demonstrated when we step off single-track trails or wait at the wall to allow faster runners/swimmers to pass... when we look behind ourself before blowing a snot-rocket (if we must)... when encouraging other runners/swimmers as we pass them or see them on the return loop of an out-and-back course.

Integrity is not cutting across trails and shortening the distance of a race... it is not purposely entering a race without paying the race fees... it is not fudging on your race statistics to brag to friends.

Perserverance is getting out there when you really don't feel like it. It is getting out there when temperatures hover below freezing or rise up 70 F.

Self-Control is sticking to a race plan... not going out too fast or too hard. It is listening to ones body and knowing when the pain you feel is a hint of further, more serious injury.

Indomitable Spirit is not giving up. Pushing oneself to the finish - whether to finish a tough workout or to finish a race. It is continuing to strive for a goal - a personal best, to qualify for Boston, or an accumulative distance. Not allowing negative comments or setbacks to deter you.


Wednesday 14th Jan
Tempo Run: 1 mile warm-up at 8:55. 2 miles at 8:29 avg pace. 1/4 mile walk RI. 1 mile at 7:58. 1/4 mile walk RI. I forgot to hit the start button. I must have done about 1/2 mile at ~8:30 when I figured it out. I decided to do another 1.5 assuming my estimate was correct. I then hit the lap button and it read 1.75 miles at 18:07 - I thereby realized I also forgot to hit the lap button before I started. My assumption is that the last 2 miles were about 8:30 but I don't know for certain. Finished off with .32 mile cool-down with a few strides. 6:32 miles total.

Tuesday 13th Jan

Monday 12th Jan

Swim with COMA. 2075m. 500m warm-up; 300m kicking w/fins; 8 x 25m back drill; 400m free w/paddles; 175m fast on 5 min (goal: 3 min swim 2 min rest); 3 x 150m fast on 5; 50m cool-down.

Sunday 11th Jan
3.12 miles easy with CORK. 9:23 mi avg pace


  1. Good tenants! I enjoy the finer aspects of principled living, and those fit in well :-)


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