Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting it Done

Wednesday 1/28:
All morning my inner thigh was a little sore - as though I had pulled a muscle yet I hadn't done anything physical other than my swim on Monday. I couldn't put my finger on what had caused the slight discomfort but I opted to take it easy today anyway... aiming for a comfortable run with no regard to distance or pace.

I started the Garmin before I had completely synced with the satellites... so I didn't realize immediately that I had neglected to Reset from my run on Saturday. I had thereby covered 1.04 miles before this was a realization. Avg pace 10:15.

I then did another 4.5 miles at an average 9:20 pace. Once I was warmed up, I felt strong and didn't notice the discomfort that had previously bothered me. With the confusion with my Garmin earlier, I thought that in the end I had completed 6 miles but a las, it was only 5.5. Oh well.

Saturday 1/24:

My girlfriend and I went out again for an enjoyable 4.51 mile run together Saturday morning. It was cold (26 degrees ?) and threatening to snow but we managed to return home before the flakes began to fall. We took it easy and enjoyed one the company of one another.... our average pace was 9:52 min mile. A comfortable pace for conversing. After we parted ways, I did another .49 miles to even out my miles to a solid 5... average pace for this last 1/2 mile was 8:11.


  1. Keep pressing toward the finish line Makita!


  2. That's one thing I like about the 50, no waiting to synch. It's surprisingly accurate too. I see you're getting speedy again :-)


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