Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Great Start

My girlfriend gave me a call this morning and asked if I was up for a short run. When I awoke, I had wondered to myself if I would go out today or not. Her call was just what I needed to get me going so I jumped at the chance to go with a friend. I don't get that opportunity often and certainly didn't want to pass it up.

We did an easy 3 miles and I have to say, I haven't felt this good running in a long time. The steroid prescription I have been taking this week seems to have done just what I was hoping it would... reduce the swelling in my right heel.

This afternoon, I stopped by Fleet Feet for their Eugene Marathon kick-off party, if you will. I was hoping to win a free race entry (who wouldn't?!) but I have no luck whatsoever. My daughter, on the other hand, apparently oozes luck - she won a spike bag with the race logo. She was all smiles - I'm hoping she'll feel sorry for me and give it to me. ;)

Though I wanted to take advantage of the discounted race entry fee, I decided to play it safe. Wait a few more days - after my longish run tomorrow with the group - to see if my PF issues flare up again. Come Monday morning, if my heel feels fine when I get out of bed, I will register for the marathon.

I do need to reconsider my training plan, however. I don't have much of a base built up. The plan I had originally intended to use is just too aggressive right now.

ORN: 2.75 miles at 9:52 avg pace. 1/2 mile cool-down walk. After run stretches: lunges


  1. It's good to hear you are feeling better. Hopefully the PF is gone for good

  2. Who could pass up a run with a friend? Not I! :-)

  3. Nothing like a friend who motivates us to move!! :D


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