Thursday, August 30, 2007

Favorite Quotes of Friends & Families ~ Thursday Thirteen

Tomorrow, we leave for the fourth annual BarCon, our annual gathering of friends (most from our elementary/high school years, others we've gathered along the road of life) for a weekend of games, fun, good food, and general chaos. In the beginning, our host, Bar, wanted to have a few friends over to relive some of his favorite childhood memories - when several buddies would gather to play Dungeons and Dragons or other popular games. Little did he know, that his idea would be such a huge hit with all of us... last year there were over 40 guests at the 'convention'.

Most guests crash upon the floor of Bar's 'hut'... others live nearby and thereby make the short commute... we, on the other hand, will be staying in a nearby motel this year (in years past we've stayed at Kong's - but since then, Bar and Kong have married and now share their residence)... still others attempt to stay 'up ALL night'.

Like a true convention for science teachers, pharmacists, computer engineers or otherwise... Bar sets up a website for registration. Upon arrival, those who have registered in advance are given goody bags (with candy, fun money - this year we'll get Space Bucks to go along with the 'BarCon in Space' theme, souvenir magnets, nametags and other nonesense). Throughout the weekend, guests can earn 'Space Bucks' for participating in games, helping with chores, bringing yummy goodies to share, winning games, hosting games, etc. On the final day, during the 'Blast Off BarBQ' - Bar facilitates an auction whereby guests can use their space bucks to bid on items (games donated by the corporate sponsor, t-shirts, etc.) It is a great weekend and is considered by some (my daughter) to be a national holiday!

My dad, who joins us for our annual camping trip every year, has remarked that even though we are speaking English, he sometimes has a difficult time deciphering what we are actually saying. Therefore, I thought I would share a list of 13 favorite quotes, in honor of Bar, Kong. Bef and all the other 'bar-ticipants' ...

1. "BarCon is all about Smoking, Drinking, and Babies." ~ Bot, in an attempt to describe BarCon to his wife and colleagues.

2. "Merrrrrr?" or "Bebe?" ~ Bef's standard greeting

3. "Updates?" or the variations "Your update?" and "What do you HAVE there?" ~ Bef

4. "People are *bleep* animals." ~ Tim, in response to seeing the horrid mess and filth in the bathroom one year at Indian Mary.

5. "I'm so *bleep* sick of all this technology." ~ Me, in frustration to not being able to simply turn the channel because there are 6 remote controls!

6. Random word dictionary:
  • fish = water bottle
  • on the realms = playing WarCraft
  • lambis bread = ciabatta bread (as per DD, her favorite item on the buffet in Hawaii, Bef called it lambis bread in reference to Lord of the Rings and it stuck)
  • ka ka, ka ka = time to wake up (originally stated by Bar?, attempting to imitate the crows that awake us in the morning at Indian Mary, it has since become our standard 'alarm clock sound' or when we generally want to pester someone)
  • hut = one's home or house
  • andre = giant or big
  • larder or the Y2K = pantry
  • geflings or dinkums = children
  • artic = shower
  • hit the links = disc golf
7. "I like octopusses. But I not like to EAT octopusses." ~ DD, in Hawaii June '06, shortly after she found her prized pink/purple octopus toy and in reference to trying octopus on the buffet earlier that day.

8. "If you do it right, you don't get wet." ~ Kong '07

9. "That's misery." ~ Bot

10. "I could eat." and the variation "What's Bef got in his larder?" ~ Wrench

11. "Let's get it over with!" or the variations, "I just want to get it over with." and "Get it done!" ~ BuD

12. "Maximize the fun!" ~ BuD '07

13. "Will ya spot me?" ~ Dic

Let me know if I missed any.... :)


  1. Visiting random blogs from the big TT list. BarCon sounds like a ton of fun. Great list!

  2. Family quotes are SOO fun! I'm sure this post will be a keeper for your family!

  3. 'sounds like a fun adventure -- and so nice that you all have your own code.

  4. great post!!

    my very first 13 is up ----

  5. I feel the same way about octopuses. or is it octopi? :)

  6. Hehe, lambis bread. I like that one.

  7. Well you know you could have gone on forever with Beener (note: name our friends call ourselves kinda like Goonies in the movie Goonies) talk and family guotes!

    Glad to see the crow stuff get's used for other things! "ka ka, ka ka " Over the years we've used that for many different things. First time I remember using it was in reference to a cast mate in High School who used to sit backstage and mouth the lines to the other play. We always felt like she was trying to Vultch (you know the action a Vulture does) a role. We even nicknamed her Vulture! Later we then used the same sound for finding the up close parking spaces in parking lots. Hence the Term Vultching a space!! At least now it has something to do with birds this time!! Thanks for sharing and maybe next year we'll make it up for Indian Mary and get to exeperience it first hand!

    Oh just watch out for incoming elbows!!


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