Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yucky Yucky

When I started running again 2 years ago, I assumed that as the kids grew, I'd get stronger and therefore pushing them in the jogger would get easier. This was true for only the first year or so. I seem to have reached a plateau. Some days, pushing the jogger is a huge struggle.

My training plan called for 8-10 miles (with 6:00 min total uphill time) today. My hip was surprisingly not much of a concern but I just didn't feel much 'umph' today. I felt fatigued, sluggish and slow. I managed to pull out just 6 miles at an average 11 min mile pace. Without the stroller, I average about 8:30, so this bothers me. Granted, I stopped a few times to rehydrate, pick a leaf or two for the kiddos and talk about the difference between simple and compound leaves, answer random questions, and assist them with their snacks - generally forgetting to stop my watch (oops!) so I would guess I my pace was a little faster than recorded.

Perhaps it was the heat (low 80s)? Perhaps I didn't eat well enough last night/this morning? Perhaps I was just tired in general? In any case, I want to do better but don't want to overdo it either. It seems I'm walking a fine line. Then again, aren't we all?


  1. Hmmmm...the problem is the kids get heavier and heavier. I'm glad I don't have to push a stroller!

  2. A mom-type nag here...have you seen a doctor yet about your hip?

  3. I think that's great training, and it show when you run without the stroller.... You are a speedy one :-)

  4. You rock just doing it! I couldn't even imagine my clumsy butt trying to run and push one of those LOL


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