Wednesday, September 5, 2007

BarCon Wrap-up

Wow! The weekend really flew by... as we were driving West over Santiam Pass, DH says to me, "Just think, in a few days we will be driving home and we'll say to one another, 'I can't believe how fast the weekend passed. It feels like we were driving the other direction just a few short hours ago.'" So true!

We had an absolute blast! Without a doubt this was the BarCon to top them all! I've uploaded a few of my favorite photos. Of course, these are just those from our camera ... there were at least 4 cameras floating around and we generally pool all together for a commeorative photo archive. In 2005, there were over 300 images!! Certainly making my job as 'group scrapbooker' a difficult one. :)

There were many memorable moments and everything flowed very smoothly (we've all learned a lot over the years). The kids behaved relatively well (my little buddy had a few moments where he aggravated our nerves - but he is just 2 years old) and we all enjoyed ourselves. This year, we had a Youth Activities Director whom helped to keep the kiddos entertained thereby enabling the adults to Bar-ticipate a little more in the gaming. :)

I won a game of Carcassone (one of my favorite) and DH won a strongly contested Battle Bowl tournament. Sweetie enjoyed rolling the dice for many games and was eager to learn how to play the games - you can bet she'll be more involved next year. Buddy enjoyed the dirt outside more than anything. :)

This year also saw the first 'fun run' - which I hosted (thereby I didn't run). I learned a lot this time and all can be assured it will return. I had purchased only 5 medals so I had to be a little creative in how I awarded them. Sweetie and Buddy both bar-ticipated... Sweetie was the first of 2 females and while Buddy was the last to cross the finish line, it could be argued he had the most fun. Kong (the only other female to run), whom ran alongside him and even carried him a while, reported that at one point he ran into a bush, fell on his bootie, got back up, punched the bush and said, "Funny." Too cute! :)

We'll see you again next year!

BarCon 2008 - "The Good, The Bad and The BarCon"


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Ahhhhhh good thing for the "Activities Director" it's a little hard to do things with the little ones hanging off you LOL

  2. OK should I even admit I had to look up Carcasone and Battle Bowl? :)

    Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  3. We play SO many games - I hadn't heard of any of them before we started attending BarCon. There are all a lot of fun! :)

  4. Glad to hear you had so much fun. We also feel like the weekend went by so fast that we hardly had time to chat and visit. I suppose we started BarCon to create opportunities to visit, but now I see we've created a "monster!" Oh, well, being victim of one's success is not too bad. Good to see everyone! -- Kong

  5. Nice Wrap up summary there!!

    BarCon becomes more and more important as people seem to keep spreading out further and further!! Me being the latest to move away!! But my week back in town was really relaxing and fun! It was my first ever fully attended BarCon, due to the fact I'm not working!!! Ha!!!

    Yeah I didn't take many pictures at all because I thought 4 cameras were probably too many!! I'll post my review in the next day or two.

    Back to figuring out where all this *&^@^^@ goes in our hut!

  6. I love the slide show from Barcon! Yes, I'm a little behind the times, as it's now been a week... but it typically takes that long to recover! I told Bef that same thing: Did I even see you this year? The weekend goes by so fast, but it wouldn't be possible at all without all the great help Kong and I get! Thank you so much for being Barcon regulars!

    (p.s. If you EVER need to know anything about one or more games played at BarCon the website has 'em all(complete w/ reviews) Beware, it's easy to get lost there in gaming goodness)

    See you in 2008!


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