Wednesday, July 2, 2008

5 at 8:29 .... or better!

Coach Bob said, "Focus on nailing the paces on your Tempo runs - as the weeks progress this will be a huge confidence builder." Today's goal was 5 miles at 8:29.

15 minute warm-up --> 1.75 miles (treadmill)
Tempo run mile splits: 8:11 8:19 4:05 4:09 8:22 8:35
15 minute cool-down --> 1.25 miles
Total --> 8 miles

It was relatively warm, so I stopped briefly at 2.5 miles for water (approx. 2 minutes). I thereby hit the lap button to record the 1/2 mile splits. The last mile was tough. I tried to really push the pace but just couldn't quite hold on. I imagine that had the previous 4 miles been just a smidgen slower, I could've stayed the course.

As training progresses, my intentions are to incorporate tempo paces into my long runs. Particularly the moderately long runs on Saturday... running the last 2-3 miles at tempo and building up from there.

I really want to stay focused this cycle - I'm hoping the weather will help keep me motivated. I believe part of the burn-out earlier this year was because I wasn't swimming and so many of my miles were on the treadmill. Getting outdoors and cross-training should be a HUGE factor!


  1. I know that during my training, bigger and bigger chunks of my weekend runs were "at race pace". It never was more than half. This prepares the body to, what else, run at race pace :-)

    You are supa speedy!!!

  2. Whoooaaa Momma!! Very nice pace indeed! Speedy speedy!

  3. Hi! What plan are you using to train for the marathon? I was just wondering if it's something I could look at online. It looks like we may have similar goals for the marathon. You kept good time this morning!

  4. Great job on those tempos. It definitely helps to get some longer tempo runs in

  5. Well done, girl! Keep at it. Those tempo paced miles will make you strong, and combined in a long run especially near the end of it? A win-win situation!


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