Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sweet 50s

Today's swim was sweet. I arrived early but rather than warm-up, I talked with Coach Bob about my proposed training plan for the Portland Marathon. I intended on asking about the possibilities of a few swim events this summer and of a possible Tri in late August, but we didn't have time. There were a lot of swimmers there today - hot weather brings people to the pool - and I didn't want to monopolize his time.

Anyway, he looked over the plan and said I needed to bump up the mileage on my Saturday run - otherwise it looked good to him. He also stated that I should really focus on nailing the paces on my Tempo runs - as the weeks progress this will be a huge confidence builder.

I jumped in and covered 500 m warm-up. The past few times I've swam, I've been swimming the last 1-2 25 meters butterfly (previously I alternated only free, back and breast). I'm beginning to feel more and more strength in my arms and I am not so fatigued at the end of each fly. Shortly before I finished, Coach promoted me to the 2nd lane! I'm hoping it is a permanent promotion - not just because the social lane 1 was particularly busy today. :)

We did breast stroke drill... 8 x 25 m. Thereafter 3 rounds of: 150 m breathing rhythm 3-3-3-5-5-7 followed by 5 x 50 m descending. I tried to do the breathing - nailed the 3s (my normal pattern) and did fairly well with the 5s, but couldn't do the 7s so I stuck with 5s.

Day's Total = 1800 meters / 1 hour.


  1. 5x50 descending is hard core :-)

  2. That's some pool workout! Yeah the pool is always full in the summer - the only time I can find a lane is after 7pm!


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