Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Training Log

A year ago, my girlfriend, Kong, gave me a great training log for Christmas, The Ultimate Runner's Journal. I started using it in Jan of 2007 and at the start of 2008, when all the journal pages were complete, searched unsuccessfully for a new one. I couldn't find the same log anywhere - used ones were on Amazon for over $100 - I still don't understand that, though new listings are now available for under $30.

I browsed the shelves at Barnes & Noble. I even peeked at Jamba Juice (they had log I liked a few years ago). I found a log in the clearance section at a local bookstore and figured it would fill the void. But alas, not all runners logs are made equal. I had become accustomed to the format of the Rich Hanna journal and I couldn't adjust to the different style.
I thereby decided to create my own. I don't have the great inspirational quotes - but it serves my purpose. As I spent a little time creating it - I thought I'd share with you all in hopes that you may find it useful.


  1. I've switched logs so many times now, I've just decided that the "history" just isn't that important to me. Hopefully, the online log I use now will be the last one I need :-)

    Try to keep that pretty log away from Buddy and his colored pencils ;-)


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