Friday, February 8, 2008

Back in the Swing

Another treadmill workout completed. I doubt I will actually have many opportunities to run on the road for another month or so... the streets are treacherous even to drive upon, let alone run.

Today's plan was another Tempo Workout - perhaps my favorite. 2 miles at Goal Pace (8:34) 2 miles at Tempo (8:06) and 2 miles at Goal Pace. I did a 1-mile warm-up to start (10:00) and then proceeded. I nailed the paces every mile. It helped that I had to stop to check on the kids every mile or so - they tend to take advantage of the fact that I am distracted/occupied - same thing happens when I am on the phone. They were pretty good today though. Only arguing or getting into things once - coincidentally during the last 1/2 mile of the 1 mile cool-down. Which, by the way, I did in 9:05.

Thus... 8 miles completed in 1:09:33 for an average pace of 8:41. I'm pleased.

This week looks to be a solid training week, assuming all goes as planned tomorrow (easy 45 minutes) and Sunday (12 miles).


  1. Now, that's what I like to see! Young ones taking advantage of their opportunities :-)

  2. Nice pace! How did your 12 miler go?


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