Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Run With Many Interruptions is Better Than No Run at All

My plan this week has been all jumbled up... not what I originally had in mind but nonetheless I accomplished something. I got Sweetie started on a copywork assignment, Buddy busy with the Legos and then I got underway. I was hoping to cover 8-10 miles (with 6 min TUT) but shortly after I got started, Buddy started his quest for chocolate. He managed to pull Daddy's foot stool into the kitchen, climb up onto the counter and reach up onto the top of the refridgerator to get to the Valentine's candy that Grandma and Papa sent. I hadn't even covered 1/2 mile when I had to stop and intervene.

I tried again a second time and was again interrupted as Buddy started dumping out the colored pencils Sweetie was using. As I was helping her to pick them up, he went over to the treadmill and pulled off the key... thereby erasing the time & distance I had covered. Similar interruptions continued throughout my workout, particularly during the first 4-5 miles. I wasn't able to run more than 1 complete mile without having to stop briefly. Had I been doing intervals at a faster pace, this wouldn't have bothered me so much. As it was, I was going easy and running at about 10 minute miles.

I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to get my workout accomplished but somehow or another, he settled down a little and I was able to do the remaining 5 miles of the workout with fewer interruptions. At mile 6, I increased my pace to 9:40 min miles. At mile 8, I gradually increased the incline (0.0% - 6.0%) and in doing so, also decreased my pace a little as well (10 min pace at 6.0% incline). I returned to 0.0% incline after mile 9 and continued to increase my speed as I did so. The final mile was at about 8:00 min.

The first ~5 miles were lost as Buddy pulled the key off several times. The final 5 miles recorded by the treadmill were completed in 47:13 (9:26) with 10 minutes of total uphill time and a fast finish.

Total Distance: ~9.5 miles.

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  1. Buddy's loving the treadmill as much as you are! pushing buttons, pulling the key, he's figuring it out for himself.


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