Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Momma Go

One of the best things about the treadmill is the proximity of the kids.... they play Legos or color in their coloring books on the floor beside me. Occasionally, they climb up onto the chair beside the treadmill to look at the display. Sweetie will ask about the numbers - what the buttons are for, etc. Buddy just starts pushing them - fortunately it beeps before pace or incline changes - for he pushed the 'Speed 12' button and I most certainly would have fallen had I not known. When I started my run on Sunday morning, Sweetie started cheering for me, "Go Momma Go!" A few minutes later she says to me, "I want you to go fast like that man on your web page." At first I wasn't certain who she was referring to ... I thought, how does she know about the other runners who comment on my blog?

When I questioned her, she said, "You know that guy with the mustache?"

"Do you mean Steve Prefontaine?" I asked.

"Yeah! That's his name. You told me before."
"I would love to run as fast as he did, Sweetie, even for just one mile. He was the best in the United States. Some believe he was the best in the world. I run mostly for fun and to take care of myself. I want to get faster, too. I want to do better every time I race. I always try to get better at things I enjoy. I won't ever be as fast as Pre, though, and that is okay. The important thing is to always try your best and to do what you enjoy."

As we had this discussion, I remembered that I had a poster of Pre but that before now, I never really had had a place to display it. When I finished my run, I immediately got out the hammer and a nail. It now has a home next to my treadmill.

Sunday - 3.5 miles
This was supposed to be 10-12 miles w/ hills but as the treadmill is new and the roads were slick, DH wanted me to stay inside and put the treadmill to use ("We need to get our money out of it!"). I didn't really like the idea of doing 12 miles on the treadmill - but didn't argue. I selected a manual program (30 minutes, max incline 10%). The pace was ridiculously slow (15 min mile at 0% incline) so I kept upping the speed until it felt appropriate. At the end of the 30 minute program, I had covered ~2.45 miles (average pace 12:14) but I was wiped out. I threw a load of laundry into the wash and made lunch for everyone and then decided to do another mile before I called it a day.

Monday - 6 miles
I would've loved to swim but that isn't in the cards for me right now. With the treadmill though, I can still get in a solid workout. This week, my goal is to stay on target with my training plan. I completed 6 miles but had several brief interruptions to referee arguments over Legos, fill sippy cups, get Buddy off the kitchen counters, etc. Total time 57 minutes - average pace of 9:10.


  1. Having the kids randomly press buttons is one way to spice up a treadmill workout :-)

  2. Sweet Pre poster. That sounds like the perfect place for it.

  3. Glad to hear your poster has found a new home!

  4. That's dedicated training with the interruptions. Good speech though, outstanding outlook.

  5. Pre poster - talk about inspiring. Nice you have a window to look out too.
    Kudos to you for being able to run and keep care of your family!


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