Monday, November 5, 2007

Making the Headlines, Today

Paula Radcliffe - Just months after the birth her daughter, who wouldn't be impressed by her win Sunday at the NY Marathon? Congratulations, Paula! :)

Lance Armstrong - He's all over the headlines for his PR of 2:46:43 at his 2nd consecutive NY Marathon... but this one is all about who he is kissing.

Katie Holmes - I have to ask, though, do we really care that she is wearing heels the night after she finishes the NY Marathon?


In regards to my own training, I did Masters today (I *heart* swimming after my long runs). It was a tough one and my lane didn't even have time to finish the prescribed workout.

8 x 25m breaststroke drill (odds, double push; evens, focus on timing of head / hands)
4-6 x [ 4 x 75m not free; 4 x 25m choice, descending]

My lane opted to do breaststroke for the first set of 75s, backstroke for the 2nd set, and back/breast alternating each 25 for the 3rd set. We didn't have time to do the 4th and chose to do freestyle for all the 25s. None of us are very good at the butterfly.

With a 450m w/u and 100m w/fins... my total for the day was 1950m (roughly equivalent to 5 miles). I'm certainly happy with those numbers ... and my muscles feel rejuvenated after yesterday's 17 1/2. I'm actually looking forward to Sunday's 20 miler - hoping to post a better average pace.


  1. Excellent blog! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to visit more often.

  2. I care that Katie Holmes was wearing heels the night after the marathon...NOT :-)

  3. You've taken a real liking to swimming, haven't you? :-)

  4. Great swim! that was incredible... yea I agree.. who care if she was wearing heels

  5. Now, if she wore heels DURING the marathon, that would be!

    You are becoming quite the swimmer. I think it is time for a tri. ;)

    I saw butterfly in high school. I gave it a try over the summer while I was training for my tri for the heck of it. Let me tell you, I am no longer in fly form! YIKES!


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