Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Good Discussion

I had a discussion yesterday with the Living History director about our participation in the program. During the winter months, it is particularly difficult to keep little ones entertained, particularly active boys like Buddy. He is also at a developmental stage whereby he reacts physically, rather than using words. As his vocabulary skills increase, he will become more comfortable using his words to express himself.

The kids and I are thereby going to take a break from Living History for a few months and revisit the opportunity in the spring/summer, when the weather is warmer and there is more activities for all to be involved in (gardening, washing clothes, scrubbing the porch, stacking wood, etc.).

Last year this wasn't an issue because it was just too cold for anyone to be at the cabin - let alone small children. Now that the stove is operational, it brings in new challenges that we need to address. We all enjoy the program tremendously and look forward to 'working at the cabin'. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to talk with the director and explain my perspective.

When the time is right, we'll return to 1880. Until then, we'll continue to work on communication skills. :)


  1. I honestly thought that whole thing was a bit strange. I had this image of this bearded guy with glasses, wearing a cardigen sweater, talking softly about how violent the children are and we can't have that happening in "our" program...

    Oh well... Bunk it was, bunk it is. Glad you were able to come to a win/win decision :-)


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