Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dedicated to Ryan Shay

I managed to put in 17.5 miles today.... although my modified plan called for 18. I figured since next weeks calls for 20 - this was a happy medium. Since DH is out of town, I didn't want to attempt that distance with the kiddos - particularly since Sweetie's shoulder is still hurting her (we did 4 miles together yesterday and she complained when I went over bumps) and to top it off, they've both developed a croupy, yucky cough. There is just no way I could expect them to sit in the buggy for 3 hours! I therefore hired a sitter - a neighbor girl who the kids adore - too bad she is in school during the weekday - I'd love to work out something on a regular basis.

To pass the time, I called my girlfriend and my in-laws, in turn. As I talked with the two of them, I managed to cover about 7 miles and thereby, ran 'alone' only on the return (an out and back route). My cell phone has become my 'virtual running partner' as I so seldom get to run with others. At 8.9 miles, I refueled with a HammerGel and then headed home.

Much of the course is uphill on the return. To add to my fatigue, I had to run into the sun, which added to my thirst. I kept telling myself it was better than running into the wind. I ran out of water in my Camelbak with nearly 4 miles to go. I was parched. Fortunately, I saw a woman bringing out her garbage can for pickup tomorrow and she was kind enough to let me refill it. It tasted so sweet!

When I got back to our neighborhood, the route was slightly shorter than I anticipated. I originally planned to run around the loop in front of our house once - but decided to call it a day at 17.5. My legs, feet and back were achy. I didn't think 1/2 mile would make much difference. I don't want to over-train and risk a serious injury. When I returned home, I ran a cold bath and soaked for as long as I could endure.

I was saddened, however, when my FIL informed me that Ryan Shay collapsed and died during the Olympic Trials yesterday in New York. I hadn't yet read the paper and was shocked when he told me.
It always hits home when a fellow athlete dies, especially while running. But the death of an elite runner during a major competition is a rare and startling occurrence. I therefore dedicate my long run, today, to Shay. He was 28.


  1. It's so sad about Ryan Shay. Hard for me to think about given my own heart history.

    Champoeg State Park is about 8 miles out of Newberg OR. I don't know which direction!

  2. Nice run, chica! Yea, it was a sad day for us all :-(

  3. I know exactly where Champoeg State Park is... I've plalyed frisbee golf there. Hmm... Autumn Leaves ??? Something to consider.

  4. It was shocking. Completely unexpected.

    Good run there... I could never talk on a cellphone while running. I would just be so winded!

  5. Wow, talking on the cell phone while running. I don't think I could do that. I would be too winded. Not to mention the coordination that must be required to run, hold a cellphone, and talk.

    Very sad, shocking news about Ryan Shay.

  6. It would take some coordination to actually hold the phone to my ear... but I use an ear bud designed for enabling drivers to use their cell phones hands-free. :)

    I try to do more listening than talking. :)


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