Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Photos

With all the drama that occurred on the 31st, I am a little late getting this posted. This picture was actually taken on the 27th ... we took only a few on the 31st and Sweetie is absent in most as she opted to not go trick-or-treating. Her shoulder was hurting her pretty bad and she just wanted to stay at home a color. Which was fine with Daddy as he had lots of work to finish up before his departure on Thur morning for Palm Beach , Florida (work conference). On the other hand, Buddy had a great time! His costume garnered many comments from the parents of other trick-or-treaters who came into the neighborhood especially for this evenings festivities. He loved running up and down everyone's drive way and knocking on the doors. He even managed to say "Thank you! Happy Halloween!" to most everyone. We went around the loop just once - hitting about 16-18 houses. Buddy's little pumpkin was full of candy and when we returned, he was gracious enough to share half of his loot with his sister.

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  1. Not that Cinderella isn't beautiful, but your son's costume is way too cute!


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