Monday, October 29, 2007

Struggling Through

We had a full day of activities planned for Sunday, the day that is normally reserved for my long run. We wanted to meet some friends at the Pumpkin Patch for an afternoon of fall frolic and following a nice lunch together, we had a few things to do around town. I therefore knew that in order to get my run accomplished, I would have to become an early bird and rise before dawn.

I set the alarm for 5:45 and DH ribbed me, "You won't be getting up. I know you." I didn't sleep very well through the night. I suppose I kept waking with the thought, "Is it 6 a.m.?" When the alarm rang, I snuggled deeper into the warmth of my bed. DH got up a few minutes later (he IS a morning person) and the next thing I knew, my little buddy was joining me. He normally climbs in and snuggles and we both fall back asleep. I attempted to do just that for DH's sake (I knew he wanted to get some work on the computer done) but Buddy wanted to watch 'Thomas'.

I finally pulled myself out of bed and proceeded to get ready. I grabbed the Garmin and my cell phone and was out the door at 6:25, a little later than planned. It was still dark out... there are few street lights so it was a little awkward at first. I ran in familiar territory, however.

The first several miles were great. I had planned to run 7.5 miles and then turn around but at mile 5, I decided I needed to find a restroom. I figured my best bet was to turn around now and head towards the park. I found one almost immediately, tucked away between two buidlings, upon retracing the roads I'd already taken.

When I hit the road again, my hands and arms were very cold - despite the gloves and long sleeve jacket I was wearing. The return was uphill for about 2 miles and it took alot out of me. When I reached the 'summit' of the return at 7.5 miles, I was pooped. My thought was to head back home, bringing my total miles to 10, and then add a short 5 mile loop. However, the closer I got to home, the more I realized that if I were to stop for a gel and water (which I had neglected to bring along), I wouldn't likely resume.

So, I steered clear. I bypassed home and added another loop around the neighborhood. I really struggled the last 5 miles or so. I even walked a few times and considered calling it a day. But then, I pulled out the will to continue and finish despite my pace. I knew I needed to get 15 miles in to stay on track for CIM... 17.5 next week... 20 the following... then I could taper. I need these longer runs in so that I'm more prepared.

My average pace was 9:42. McMillan puts my long runs at 9:21 - 10:21 so I suppose I'm right on track. That's good. In retrospect, I should've brought along some gels and stashed a water bottle. I could've used a little boost. I think that low fuel was what led to my struggle in the end.

When I got home, I showered and made a quick breakfast. We then headed out for the pumpkin patch. It was a lot of fun and the weather was great! I'll post more about it later - but on the return, I was wiped out. I fell asleep in the car (good thing DH was driving). When we got home, I attempted to continue my nap but the little ones wouldn't allow me the peace. I therefore did some light housekeeping. My legs were achy. I finally had to lay down and elevate them for a while.

Today, I feel good and I'll be swimming. My best girl offered to watch the kiddos since Buddy is 'expelled'. Thankfully! I really like swimming after my long runs - it's a great recovery.


  1. Swimming is an awesome way to recover! Nice long run too :-)

  2. That's a long run - no matter how you look at it! Good of you to persevere and then get on with your day.
    We are carving our pumpkin today : )

  3. You know, that struggle will pay off in the race - if you hit a rough patch, you'll know that you can push through it. Excellent mental training!


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