Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

Monday's swim was a great recovery after my long run on Sunday. Following a 400m warmup whereby I worked on my breaststroke form every other length, I did 250m with fins. Coach then stopped us to describe the drill set and the workout to follow.

8x25m butterfly drill (1st - body dolphin; 2nd - one arm fly, 3 strokes each; 3rd - alternating one arm and together, 2 strokes each; 4th - standard w/better form; repeat)

Build at moderate pace, 3x (50m, 100m, 150m, 200m). I did 2 complete sets and the first half of the 3rd... I had reached 2000m total distance and opted to call it a day.

Tuesday's plan called for 8-10 miles with 10 minutes of total uphill time. I did 9.3 miles (average pace 9:28) and spent about 8 minutes on hills (I didn't actually keep track of my time running uphill this time - I've done the same course before and so I guess-timated).

The remainder of this week is going to be a little difficult. Buddy is expelled from the childcare center at the gym, DH is gone away on a business trip (he leaves tomorrow, returns Tues), and I have 2 difficult runs I need to complete. Thursday is Tempo day... 3 miles at goal pace (8:30), 6x800 at cruise pace (3:37), 3 miles at tempo pace (8:00). I'll be attempting that behind the jogger (100+ lbs) - we'll see what happens. Sunday is my 18 miler. I'm going to see if I can't get a sitter. Wish me luck.

Happy Halloween, everyone!!


  1. Good luck! I may have to invent a few strokes for the pool. All I do is crawl, crawl, crawl, breath, breath, breath :-)

  2. Good luck for the week.. and I would die if I swam that drill!

  3. Hey Makita, I feel for you. It's so tough to get those necessary training runs in when childcare is not available...but YOU CAN DO IT! Just go for it and if it's a complete disaster and stressful, then stop and do it another day. But there's always a chance that it won't be as bad as you think.

    And regarding the CIM. This training schedule you're doing will prep you perfectly for it. It's got small rollers in the first half where the total of them might fatigue you if you run them too fast, but if you pace yourself you will get through them fine. No sharp inclines. There is one incline around mile 18 I think that you'll feel in your legs, but it's not super long so you recover fast. The 2nd half is very flat and if you've paced right, you can literally race the last 10K or even more. It's really a great course. The last stretch heading toward the capitol seems to go on forever, but just keep going and DON'T focus on the street signs. Just focus on your run and the people cheering for you!

  4. You're so good! I've been at the stairmaster for two months now and feel as if I haven't seen the results I wanted. I need to up the intensity apparently.


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