Friday, October 26, 2007

Random ??

I am curious....

On the PC... we have both Safari and Explorer.

On the Mac... our web browser is Safari.

On the PC, regardless of which browser I use, when I am logged into my blogger account and am creating a new post, there are two tab buttons on the right that say, "Edit Html" and "Compose". There are 7 little icons on the "Edit Html" tab (insert bold tags, insert italic tags, insert link, insert blockquote, check spelling, add image and add video). There are 17 little icons (font, font size, bold, italic, text color, link, add image, add video, and several others) on the "Compose" tab.

On the Mac, when I am logged into my blogger account and am creating a new post, there are NO tab buttons. I can not figure out how to add images or hyperlinks when composing posts on the Mac.

In addition, when I attempted to modify the template on the Mac, I can't drag and drop the Page Elements (sidebar links, etc.) as I can on the PC.

This seems so strange to me... what am I doing wrong??

Doing a little research on Blogger, I learned that Firefox is is the recommended browser. We'll be downloading it soon and we'll see if that makes a difference.


New Information 27th October - We downloaded Firefox and all seems to work like expected and experienced with Windows. I'm a Happy Camper.


  1. Probably nothing, it's the stupid comps fault. That's what I always tell myself hehe

  2. The javascript engine on the Mac version of Safari is not working the same as the Windows version. That's a bummer. Maybe look into some tools that will let you create your posts outside the blogger and upload them. Not sure if there is anything like that for the Mac...

  3. like Wes says.. javascript of Safari is a problem. Thats why if you log in to Gmail on Safari you will not see the Chat list either.
    Btw.. there are some browsers (like Flock) that let you compose and publish to blogger without using their interface.
    But.. Firefox is great


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