Friday, September 7, 2007

A Great Swim Workout

The past couple of weeks I've been in a bit of a slump. I've felt discouraged by my pace on many training runs. I've been frustrated with a nagging hip pain. As a result, as runs have been cut short and I've opted to walk portions, my stamina has begun to decline. The funny thing is I've noticed many of my favorite runner/bloggers are going through similar slumps. This certainly makes it easier - knowing I'm not alone.... knowing that I just need to keep plugging away.

I met Deb at the pool today for Masters. The coaches are on vacation so we had to rely on ourselves to complete the workout as posted on the board. I actually prefer it this way, on occasion, because fewer people actually come to practice. Deb and I had the lane to ourselves!

400m warmup (medley)
2 x 25m fly (it was supposed to be 16 x 25m but my butterfly really stinks ... at least I gave a little effort)
8 x 50m back
4 x 100m breast
2 x 200m free
1 x 400m medley (subbed free for fly)
2050m total (~ 5.12 running miles)

Great workout! We've focused so much on freestyle over the summer which is my best stroke. Today forced me to work different muscle groups and it felt great! I may actually try adding another day of swimming into the mix until my hip works itself out. We'll see. I'm hoping, however, that I can float on today's positive energy through the weekend and have a great long run come Sunday. :)


  1. Look at you, going the distance in the pool. You'll be ready for a half ironman soon :-) You'll have to share with me how you determine the "running" equivelent! Nicely done!!

  2. Great job in the pool! I'm forcing myself out of my slump...can't take it anymore!:) Hang in there on the runs and all you can do is give 100%!

  3. Nice job on the swim. Great distance. I am so jealous! Although I bought a few books online and I hope to learn a few things in the next month or so! ha!

  4. you are totally not alone...i didn't address it much in my posts but while i was out sick i was going through major running slump attitude... good for you to get that swim in and i hope your sunday long run is/has gone well!

  5. Thanks everyone. The swim left me a little tired (good workout) but re-invigorated and re-motivated. :)

    Wes - I just multiply my swimming distance by 4 to get an equivalent running distance. It isn't an exact science but a good estimate. When calculating my total running miles for the week, I always include my swim distance as such. It works for me. :)

  6. I like the idea of calculating swimming distance to running miles! I'll have to remember that one when I start ramping up my swims again.

    Congrats on an awesome work out!

  7. that was such a motivating post! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  8. I am trying to get out of one of those slumps too! Sounds like your swim workout was a good one.

    I saw fly in high school. I love it, but it has been so long since then that it feels strange when I do it all these years later.

    Hope your hip is feeling better soon.


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