Thursday, September 6, 2007

Doctor Visit

Good news. I had an appointment with my regular physician this morning. After a short discussion, he sent me across the hall to get an x-ray of my hip. The x-ray didn't show arthritis or a fracture of any kind. As it has been getting better over time with some rest and decreased mileage, neither of us have been too concerned. I want to continue to train for CIM, however, so he therefore suggested that I see a physical therapist. He wrote a 'prescription' with "hip flexor sprain" diagnosis for insurance purposes and sent me on my way.

I had had a discussion with a friend at BarCon (B!) who informed me of a colleague he knew who had similiar discomfort. He couldn't remember exactly but thought that she had seen a chiropractor or reflexologist who massaged pressure points and the pain was alleviated. I've seen a reflexologist once before while I was living in Mexico - I was impressed and intrigued then. I'd be willing to give it ago again... what could a more specialized massage, one which focused upon particular pressure points, hurt?

On another note, I also decided to invest in a new pair of shoes. I had about 400 miles on my 3rd pair of Nike Trail Alvords (which I've been able to acquire for about $35-43 at Freddy's). I got to thinking that perhaps it is my shoes! I therefore had the salesman/runner at Footzone evaluate my walk as he asked questions about my running history, etc. He suggested Asics 2120 and a pair of Mizuno (?)... neither were very friendly to my budget, but I liked the look (very important!) and the feel of the Asics so that's what I went home with.

With my new treads and the jogger, I did a 3.6 mile easy run last night. I like how they feel on my feet... very comfortable. My toes weren't tender afterwards but I continue to struggle with my stamina. What has happened? Just a month ago, I did 18.6 miles without a problem. Now I struggle to cover 4?! I'm becoming a little frustrated.

Before last nights easy 3.6, I had run only once since Thursday of last week (30th). BarCon kept me busy and then I had an upset stomach for much of the weekend. I know I just ate too much - the food is soooo good!!! I didn't get my long run in... but did Tuesday's planned run on Monday. DH pulled the kiddos in the buggy with his bike and I pushed myself to complete 8 miles.

According to my plan, I should do another 8 or so today (2 at GP, 4 at T, 2 at GP). Yet, it is nearly 3 p.m. - so I'll have to do it this evening. Fortunately, DH is working late so this it is entirely possible. We'll see what happens.


  1. I think that Tiger Tail thingee is getting real popular for rolling out trigger points. I just got Dee Dee one, and I'm using it to beat the dogs with :-)

  2. Happy to hear the doctor didn't find anything serious!

  3. I wear the Asics 2120s and like them - I put a Superfeet insole in too. Hopefully your new shoes will help! Also, you may have lost a little stamina, but it will come back quickly. Just keep plugging for a week or so, and before you know it, you'll feel great!

  4. Glad to hear the doc didn't find any serious problem. I hope the physical therapy and new shoes help!

    Good luck with the training! I started back up again after about a month and a half off. I was amazed at how much I "lost" in that time.


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