Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is Coffee Bad for You?

Growing up, I remember adults telling me that 'coffee would stunt your growth' whenever I would sample my mother's.... not that I was a big coffee drinker, mind you. But it was a thing that stuck in my mind.

I like coffee. I drink a cup or two every morning shortly after I get out of bed. On occasion, I'll get a latte or mocha at Starbucks or Dutch Bros. But that's it. I wouldn't consider myself addicted. I can give it up - I did so twice for 9 months.... mostly because it made me feel nauseous. :) I think I drink it more out of habit than anything. It is comforting to read the newspaper with a cup of joe in hand... or to blog and read the blogs of others while I nurse a cup of coffee.

But here is my concern:


This little guy loves coffee. After Mama, it is the first word I hear him say each morning when he awakens. He'll drink my entire cup if I'm not careful. He'll even drink it black (as was evident while camping and he stole Papa's mug). He'll get into the refridgerator, open the Coffeemate creamer, and drink it straight from the container. I think it's the creamer he likes best.

What is a mom to do?


  1. Thanks for stopping by!!

    OMG How cute is that!!! He's a doll!! Is it decaf? Fortunately we haven't crossed this bridge, my 3 y.o. hates the stuff. I think my husband can only stand one coffee addict and that's me hehe.

  2. Here's what I would do:
    Option A: substitute real cocoa - hot milk and chocolate (not the instant stuff).

    If that doesn't fly, then try Option B: hot milk with a splash of coffee, preferably decaf.

    I don't think coffee hurts - it's the caffiene. The doc explained to me that the caffiene in a pop or a cup of coffee hits their little bodies much harder than ours, plus, we saw a marked difference in behavior with our younger son whenever he had pop (and it was diet,so it wasn't sugar induced). Sure enough, switching to a caffiene-free one, or most of the time, to water, changed his behavior.

    Good luck with this!

  3. There ya go! Decaf is the answer :-) A lock and key for the good stuff might be in order too!

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  5. hehe! black n no sugar.. that should be enough for him to hate it. or decaf

  6. My 3 y/o drinks decaf. I remember last summer, she was barely two, she woke me up with "Mommy! I need my coffee...NOW!" And if you ask her, "Do you like coffee?" She replies with, "I yuuu-uuuuub coffee!!!"

  7. Cocoa it is! Seems to be working - thus far anyway. :)


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