Monday, July 16, 2007

Race Place & My Long Run

Yesterday, my training plan called for an 18 mile long run... as I am not training for a full marathon but a 30K... Coach Bob said 2/3 of that distance would be sufficient. So, I headed out with the intention of doing 12 miles. Once I was underway however, I realized I was a little tired out from the 15K race on Saturday... more than I had expected. I therefore decided to do 9 miles - with the intention of doing another 6-9 in the evening if time permitted. My pace averaged about 8:48 per mile. I'm very pleased with that considering it was just 24 hours after a 9 mile race and it was my long, training run (generally run about 30-40 seconds slower than goal pace).

Following the run, I sat in a cold bath for a short time to cool my leg muscles... I think one reason I was so tight & fatigued from Saturday is because I hadn't had the opportunity for an "ice bath" so to speak. I had just jumped into the car and headed home (a 30-40 minute drive from the finish). I then showered and headed out for DH's company picnic with the family. A fun day.

The newspaper listed all the finishers and their times... I was 29th overall out of a field of 116. I was the 12th woman of 72 and was 4th in my age group (35-39). I'm very, very happy with my race. I just hope I can continue to build on it and hit my goal for the 30K, my 'A' race for this year. I'm starting to second guess myself a little because the Circle the Bay course is very hilly.

On a related note - these are a few of the pictures the photographers captured during the race. How do you decide whether to purchase them?? Since this wasn't a 'big' race for me, I opted not to buy them. If the image is good, should I?


  1. Way to go! Your running is impressive!

    Running is not my strength, but I am going to work on that A LOT in the coming months. I want to be able to run the entire 5K in my next tri (that will most likely be next summer).

  2. Nice job, Makita! You ROCK!!! and are super speedy too :-)

  3. That is awesome! Congratulations!!!

  4. You are too cool for me! I am sure the drive home after the race allowed some time for those muscles and such to stiffin up a bit.

    Question for you. Thinking that you would possibly know the answer. How do you put pictures in your sidebar?? Not necessary with a link added to it... but just the pic??

  5. I think I would want at least one picture from each of my events. From a big event I would want many!

    I am having this same dilemma with how many of the pictures to get from my event. Since it was my first, I may go for all of them.

  6. You go, girl!

    Now, I obviously have no experience when it comes to runs (although one day!! one day I will!) but I say, if the pic looks great, you should go for it! :)

  7. Thanks everyone! It's so great to have you all cheer me on. You each inspire me to keep going. I went ahead and purchased 2 of the 4 images that the photographers captured. I just couldn't pass them by. :)


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