Sunday, June 10, 2007

Graduation and a 12-miler

The family and I headed south Friday afternoon to see my niece graduate from Yreka High School on Saturday morning. It is a long, long drive (3.5-4 hours) but we were very happy that our little kiddos took it in stride and slept nearly the entire way (both ways). They are super troopers! :)

The graduation ceremony was nice. During the valedictorian speech, I whispered to my little princess that I'd like to see her address her class as valedictorian. Her response was, "Ewww. I don't want to do that." Let's hope she changes her mind by then. :)

Afterwards, we joined up with my niece's many, many friends/relatives for a little BBQ. Her family gave her a beautiful cedar home chest as a graduation gift. What a great gift! She hasn't really made any decisions in regards to her future (i.e. college). DH and I really want her to go to the community college ... I'm not certain she is motivated, however.

This morning, DH woke me at 6 a.m. so I could get my long run in before my duties as mommy and wife began. The plan called for 12 and I did just that. Relatively same course as last week's long run with the jogger ... only this time I finished 1:52:25 for an average pace of 9:19. I am very pleased.

So far, I enjoy the new training plan. The Tue/Thr runs are much longer than what I'm used to but I know this will help build my endurance so I welcome the challenge. I haven't yet incorporated CrossFit back into my regime. I really need to ... my core NEEDS help!


  1. very nice run! and i love the high school picture :)

    btw.. ur tagged!

  2. I love what your princess said! Kids say the cutest things!


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