Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Know You've Wondered...

Akshaye tagged me... I've been asked to post 6 weird facts about me... hmmmmm

  • I actually like pickled herring and on occasion, lutefisk (can you tell I'm Norwegian?).
  • I love insects... 6 legged critters amaze me... I wish I'd taken more entomology courses.
  • I love going barefoot (just like Akshaye, I hate wearing shoes)... even in the snow of winter.
  • I am always picking things up with my toes so I don't have to bend over (as this is actually an exercise to help alleviate Plantars Faciitis... I have to wonder why I'm afflicted ??).
  • I love a simple sandwich of sharp cheddar, sliced onion, and mayo.
  • Growing up, I had rats for pets (just one at a time). I'd like my kiddos to have one as well but haven't been able to convince DH... yet. ;)

In turn, I tag Joe, Kara and Lillie.


  1. You taker weird to whole new level ;-)

  2. insects and rats .. those are hard to beat!

  3. Picking things up with your toes. LOL
    It may take me a while to find 6 weird things about myself or I could just ask my hubby : )


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