Friday, June 8, 2007

Photo Friday ~ Retro Runner

I recently re-connected with a friend from high school... one of the 'elite' on our high school x-country and track teams. It was great to hear from him and learn of what he has been doing since we graduated. He is teaching science (chemistry, biology, and physics) in Milwaukee and is also the head cross country and track coach (his boys' track teams won state in '01, '03, and '05). Very cool.

I thought it would be fun to post an old photo of me from my high school running days. Unfortunately, I don't have many (my parents didn't get the opportunity to come to my meets and I didn't have a camera myself until I believe my senior year). This one was published in the local newspaper (small town - I was the only girl on the team so I suppose that drew the photographers interest) after a hometown district meet.

Funny thing about that race - The race was well underway and I remember I could hear my boyfriend rev his Chevy Gran Torino's engine as he came into the park where the meet took place. You can see his class ring on my forefinger (I used to wear it on a chain around my neck but when I would run it was rather heavy and would bang against my chest/chin... ouch!). I started to run a little faster and shortly thereafter came across a small number of the other female runners who had apparantly got off course. I was then inspired to push myself even harder. I thought to myself, "This is it! This is my chance." Of course, the girls eventually passed me but in the end I was able to finish the 3000M course with a PR of 14:23, placing 35th out of 46. oooooh.

As I dug out this photo, I also found several ribbons I had earned from a variety of races (both track and x-country). One, fortunately, had my time for the mile recorded on the back, 7:22. It was from an all-comers meet and if I recall, I think I was the only one in my age group participating in that event. If you recall 3 months ago when I broke my wrist and had to run on the treadmill, I ran a mile to see what I could do now and clocked 7:19. I guess I am right where I used to be. :)

So, now a challenge to all of you fellow runners... post a picture of your early running days. :)


My long run on Sunday was okay - I had to take the kiddos in the double-jogger so it was rather difficult on the return (there is a rather long hill that took 15 min to climb). I left the house at 8:30 am with the intention of doing 11 w/ a fast finish. At mile 5, I ended up in the midst of a 5K benefit race for breastcancer research. I forgot that they would be running along a portion of the course I had planned for the day. I got behind the walkers and had to literally stop, walk and wait for an open area to pass.

That opportunity came about 1/4 mile later when I was able to maneuver off the sidewalk and onto a large grassy area. The grass was wet and the wheels of the stroller thereby sank a little as I endeavored to get past as many 'racers' as possible. This little push took quite a bit from me and as I begin the uphill climb at mile 6, I was fatigued. I thereby elected to to end with 10 miles (with 17 min total uphill time). The Garmin told me later that my average pace was 10:45 and that I burned 974 calories.
I find this quite interesting in that I ran a 10 mile hilly course a week ago without the jogging stroller and thereby averaged a 9:31 pace burning 1001 calories. So, does running with the stroller actually hinder the benefit I get from running. Obviously I am forced to run slower (particularly uphill) with the stroller and thereby burn fewer calories as a result. But, what about the extra-effort required to PUSH the stroller? Doesn't that account for anything? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Mon - Masters Swim Practice: 750m warm-up, 4x (15om, 4x50m) = 2150 m

Tue - obligations prevented me from running - I really need to wake the kiddos and go before we head back in time to the 1880s at the museum

Wed - thought about doing Tue's normal 'hard' run but didn't want to risk injury with running another 'hard' run on Thr .... and things happened that prevented me from running at all - a bad day

Thr - did Tue's 'hard' run rather than Thr's 'hard' run as I had the jogger once again. I did much the same course as I had done on Sun but a little shorter... just 8 miles... with 11:00 minutes total uphill time.

Fri - will be doing an easy 45-60 min with my girlfriend and the jogger at 8:45

Sat - forced rest day as we are departing this afternoon for my niece's HS graduation

Sun - long run of 12 miles planned

Signing off. :)


  1. Yup. Wish I could run as fast as I did in high school. That would put me in the 6 minute mile range :-) I just need to lose 40 more pounds! LOL. If you change your weight on the Garmin when you push the stroller, it will add more calories :-) Problem is figuring out what is a fair weight to add. Hmmmmm?

    Oh, and sorry, all my old pics are safely ensconced in another state! Lucky for me.

  2. Great pic! I don't think i have one from my earlier running days... that would have been last year! hehehe

    I will look though!

  3. I wish I had an old photo to post!

    Yes, I think running with a stroller does count for something. I guess it's kind of like cross training because the running motion is probably altered a bit.

  4. Hey I'll check the old Year Books as I thought I remember seeing one in there of you. But maybe not! I know at one point I had a picture of the Dic doing x-country somewhere. I'll see what I can find and scan in if I find something interesting.

  5. I'm thinking that Garmin estimates your calories burned based on average pace, time spent exercising, your input age and weight. Many electronic gizmos use these guidelines. Unfortunately it's impossible for them to detect when you run with a burden (or stroller) and when you don't, so they just give you unexpected estimates. As Wes suggested, mucking with the additional weight (or gear weight, if I remember correctly) may help Garmin account for your extra effort with the stroller. I suppose you either weigh the stroller and add that to the kids' weight, or push through and pat yourself on the back on the days you actually get to run with the stroller. C'mon, you know you've pushed hard, you don't need a stinkin' gizmo to tell you that. -- Kong

  6. Very cool picture! I wish I had some pics from my high school cross country days.

    Your running is going great, and yes it is a whole lot better w/out the jogging stroller. I have to push the baby a lot, but when my hubby is home, the baby stays home, and running is much easier!

  7. Kaboda - please don't post that one of me putting my hair up into a pony tail !! :)

  8. The only girl on your team? You're a groundbreaker!


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