Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Race That Didn't Happen

I am so bummed ... angry ... frustrated! I signed up for the Jingle Bell 5K a few weeks ago and was really looking forward to today's race. It would have been my first official 5K in a long time and I was hoping for a PR ... could feel it in my bones that it would happen.

Needless to say, I didn't even arrive at the start line. My first (and hopefully last DNS).

DH asked me early this morning what the plan for the day was. I told him I needed to meet a friend at the start downtown at 11:30 to get my bib. DDs fun run w/ Santa was to start at 11:40. My race was to begin ten minutes later from the same point. The Christmas parade would start at noon... I would still be running when the race started but I planned to meet him & the kids in front of the Taj Palace (DDs favorite restaurant) when I finished... where they would be watching the parade.

He decided to meet a friend at 11:15. He informed me of this about 9:30 and I figured that would be fine... actually, it was probably a good idea to get downtown sooner as parking can be rather difficult.

About 15 minutes before 11:00... DH is sitting at the computer converting his CDs to MP3s. I sit down and wait. Figuring in my head that I shouldn't have to say anything. He is always so on top of time and usually is hurrying me along. Finally, at 11:00, I say, "We need to get going." He replies, "Okay. Let me finish this last CD (he later informed me he didn't do it... just stuck the CD in the drive and left)." I immediately got the kids and went to the garage to put on our shoes and load up the car. He joined us in the midst of this... put on his own shoes and warmed up the car.

I check the time as we get on the main road... it is already 11:15. We don't get downtown until 11:28 and parking is miserable. I finally say, "I'm going to have to jump out and meet my friend. She is running too and won't be able to stay at our 'meeting spot' with my stuff." We argue a little... he starts in about my poor planning. In an effort to avoid the conversation, I agree and admit all guilt. "Let's not argue... let's just find a spot to park." As we move farther away from downtown, I finally say, "I need to get out. Please meet me at the Palace when you get parked."

Now... I don't have my cell phone. I discovered before we left that my batteries were completely dead so I had to leave it on the kitchen counter charging.

I find my friend with no trouble... she helps me with my bib. I proceed to the Palace. DH isn't there. I wait a few moments. I decide to go in, borrow their phone, and give him a call. When he answers, he is yelling at me... telling me where he is (which by his description I can not decipher - he said he was by the courthouse and 3rd street but I know the courthouse isn't anywhere near 3rd... the courthouse is downtown!).

I ask that he not yell. He tells me he is yelling because he can't hear well. We've both had head colds all week and his ears are plugged. I know he probably can't hear. I try to stay calm. "Okay," I say, "I need you to meet me at the start (and I tell him the street names)." He replies, "I'll do my best."

I return to the start. I can't find him. I keep looking. After a few moments, I finally find him and I proceed to walk towards him. Cool. Things are finally looking up.

I run over and drap the race goody bags onto DS's stroller. DH says, "Oh, great. Now I get to carry all this stuff, too." (Did he say 'stuff' or was it 'crap' - I don't recall exactly.) I firmly reply, "Please. I don't want to hear anything else negative." I pin DD's bib onto her shirt and I then inform DH that her race ends at Starbucks. Please go there and meet me as I have to come right back here. We begin to walk to the starting line just as her race begins. We are probably 20 feet from the start so we start running. She is off. I turn to ask an official, "Will I have time to get back here after the fun run?" He says, "Yes."

Now - I could've done 2 things here. 1) Had DH run with DD and just meet them after my race as originally planned. 2) Run with DD as I did and then walked her back to meet DH at the start after she finished her race.

SIDE STORY: DD did so well! She ran the entire way and passed many of the other little runners that had started ahead of her. She nearly caught up with Santa (who led the race) with under 20 feet to go. She is fast! I am looking forward to seeing what she can do in the future. She is already talking about the kid's marathon (1 mile at a time) that is associated with the Eugene Marathon I'm training for in April. You go, girl!

Instead... we waited for a few minutes at Starbucks. DD got her finisher's goodies (a water bottle, hot cocoa and a cookie). We waited. We started to walk back thinking we'd meet up with him halfway. After a block, I still hadn't found him and as the sidewalks are crowded with people, I think I could have easily missed him. I borrow a woman's cell phone and try to call. He doesn't answer. We walk another block. Still no DH. I borrow another cell phone. He answers... he says, "I am in front of Starbucks. Is her race done already?" "Yes," I reply. "We've even had time for cocoa and a cookie. You're in front of Starbucks, now?" He responds, "Well, I'm across the street."

NO WONDER!! Now, please correct me if I'm wrong, but across the street (when the streets are crowded w/ people) isn't the same as being in front of a particular store, right?

"Stay there! I'm bringing DD to you."

I find him and turn to run back to the start but discover the lead runners are already here! I didn't have time. The race had already started.

I was livid. Then when I discovered that he had met up with his friend... I was even more angry... it appeared (from the outside) that he was more concerned with meeting up with him than making sure that I got to run my race. This makes 2 races I didn't get to run, now. The 'Turkey Trot' on Thanksgiving mornning (albeit it wasn't an official race, but a club gathering fun run) and now the 'Jingle Bell 5K'.

I did a short sprint out to the city park to cool off... returned a few minutes later to enjoy the parade. A great parade! :)

Called my my mom to vent. Called a friend to vent. Now, I'm venting here. I've cooled off now. I need a long run, though. Hopefully, tomorrow.

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