Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rave Run - What Do You Think?

With all good intentions, I expected to run 3x last week... Tue Thr and either Sat or Sun. Not surprisingly, my mood (I've been in a bit of a funk since the marathon and haven't exactly found my mojo), the weather, and the holiday worked together to put a damper on my plans. I did manage to get one run in however, on Thanksgiving morning, no less. :)

Originally, I had intended to join A! at the lake for a little turkey trot with the local running club. At 8:30, I went upstairs to tell DH that I would be going and that I should be back within an hour. He asked that I wait. He'd drive me because he didn't want to be without a car (for whatever reason). So, I waited. But then he got into the shower! Apparently, he didn't realize the race started at 9:00.

"Hey. The race starts at 9:00, we don't have time for you to take a shower." He said, call A! and see if she is still going, perhaps she can pick you up. So, I gave her a call to see if she was still interested. Unfortunately, she had forgotten and had taken upon herself a few baking tasks (she is a fabulous 'chef' - hmmm, thinking of clever nicknames...) that prevented her from running in the early morning.

When DH got out of the shower, it was just 5 minutes to 9:00. Too late.

I called A! back to arrainge another run. She suggested 11:30 and I eagerly accepted. I enjoy running with friends as often as possible as I so often run with the kids in the stroller or less frequently, alone.

DH gave us a hard time... you see, at 9:00 a.m. the skies were calm, my friends. There was a slight chill in the air but it seemed there was a little window of opportunity and that we should certainly take advantage of our moment. As it was, we had to wait.... and by 10, it was pouring.

I wasn't about to let mother nature destroy this opportunity so I headed out the door at 11:20, knowing full well that I would be soaking wet upon my return. I ran over to the Bar/Bef's parents and met up with A! ... we were on our way.

We ran out to E.Lakes, circled the north lake once and proceeded home. A! hadn't had the opportunity to run much lately so we took it slow. The ~6.9 miles I covered took approximately 1:28 minutes. We were the only brave souls in the elements... I'm sure we probably got a lot of strange looks from passersby with their heated seats, cushy upholstery, and windshield wipers... but I couldn't tell ya for certain as I needed wipers for my lenses! I finally elected to remove my glasses about halfway, forcing myself to run with a blur in the distance from that point on. Should've packed my contacts.

I had intended to run again on the weekend but I got busy with preparations to go home before snowfall/nightfall... then it was errands (no milk, orange juice, butter, or other staples prompted a need to go to Costco), the construction of a gingerbread house (I had been promising the princess for weeks that we would do it after Thanksgiving), the erection of our Christmas tree (I'll post pictures soon), and general blahs of a great weekend that has come to an end.

So, a new week is upon us and I still haven't done anything physical since Thr (unless putting the tree up counts as cross-training). I have to take the Honda in today for service... perhaps the kids and I will be able to walk over to the fitness center (I'll have to bring the umbrella stroller - that means it can't be icky outside) and we can frolick in the pool and excercise (I want to try out a treadmill) while we wait. We'll see.

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