Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Swimming with Coach Bob

I haven't run since last Tues but I have managed to get a few days of swimming in. On Mon, the focus was on endurance and I learned that I have room for improvement.

warmup (arrived early so I had lots of time):
600 m
400 m kicking w/ fins
600 m - it was supposed to be 700 m, but I got lapped by everyone in my lane (nearly twice, so I gave in when they were resting)
500 m
300 m
100 m
2500 m

Today, the focus was medley.

500 m
200 m kicking w/ fins
100 m IM
4x25 fly (I did breast stroke since I fail miserably when I attempt the butterfly)
100 m IM
4x50 back (I love this stroke)
100 m IM
4x75 breast (however, I think I did only 2 because Coach Bob had me get out and watch the others' form - he gave me a few pointers and I gave it a go - apparantly whatever I WAS doing was not right - but now I can't seem to get it together - I struggled and finally put some combination of arms, legs, glide together in the end... at least I was laughing through the whole thing)
4x100 free (I had time only for 1 before I had to go get the kiddos - the Kids Corner closes at 1:00)
1550 meters

It is great to get individual attention from Bob. He is so knowledgeable and provides so much encouragement and suggestions for improvement. I enjoy the commaderie that is developing amongst myself and the other swimmers in my lane.

I have been giving some thought to potentially participating in some Masters Swim competitions. I don't have a clue how they work though. Are they organized by level of experience? I'm such a novice - I wouldn't want to embarrass myself.

I really need to add flexibility (Pilates) and strength training to my regime ... but I haven't yet. I am really been taking it easy. Not stressing too much about whether I miss a workout. This will change, though, come January. I'll need to refocus then and really concentrate on my training plan so that I can improve my marathon time. :)


  1. I think it would be awesome if you joined a masters team. I don't know how they are organized, but I'm sure someone will.

    The pilates class you asked about is only mat stuff. I do have a friend in Houston that takes a machine class and she swears it's awesome!


  2. Hey you're getting up there in the swimming mileage! Nice going! Do you consider yourself a masters swimmer now? You should!


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