Monday, January 20, 2014

Running for Cupcakes

Just over a year ago, I posted about my intentions for 2013, particularly to participate in the California Half Marathon series.  My goal was to resume training and to thereby run 4 half marathons.  Well, needless to say.  It didn't happen.  I continued to run erratically and took part in only one race - the Moonshine Trail Race - which was brutal! Sadly, I didn't blog about it then - I may have to write a reflective post someday.

As 2014 approached, I reflected upon my failed effort to run 4 halves and I began to reevaluate my goals for the new year.  I really, really miss running.  I miss the strength it provided my spirit and body.  I miss how connected I feel to the earth when running.  Anyway ...

Since we moved to Northern California, the Redding Marathon has intrigued me.  I knew I wasn't ready for the full this year but I thought perhaps the relay would be the ticket to rediscovering my love of running and thereby making running a priority in my life.  

I recruited two other runners, both of whom backed out (one the day after I registered our team and the other just 3 weeks prior to the race).  Fortunately, a former student whom I hadn't seen since she was in 4th grade answered by plea for help on Facebook and volunteered.  Proudly, my daughter stepped up to run the final leg.  

While training and helping my daughter to up her mileage prior to race day - I rediscovered my running mojo.  I had such fun training with her.  

Come race day - the weather was perfect and all three of us had strong runs.  I even managed to maintain a 9:03 pace for my entire leg (9+ miles).  I was pleased with my effort and so very proud of my daughter who was laughing and smiling when we saw her midway and again at the finish.  She looked so strong and was having a blast!

Jessica, my former student, also blogs (We Run for Cupcakes) and she motivated me to continue blogging myself.  "I love reading running blogs," she stated.  I knew she was right.  While I blog regularly for homeschool - my goal there is to inspire and help other homeschool families.  My running blog is for me.  To stay motivated .. I need this outlet.  

One of the best things about race day was reconnecting with not one former student, but two!  Jessica had flown to San Francisco and then drove up the morning of the race with a friend of hers, Steven, who to my surprise, was another former student.  He ran cross country all through high school and college and while we were running the relay, he put in 14 miles of his own!  Impressive.  

I had a great time catching up with them both and loved talking about running.  It reinvigorated me.   To our surprise and delight, Jessica presented us with cupcakes at the finish.  Love!!  I will be running for cupcakes forever more.  

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