Thursday, December 13, 2012

California Half Marathon Series

It has been a very long time since I have been active on this blog.  My training has been erratic and I just haven't felt the inspiration, desire, or need to blog here.  I really miss it though and strongly feel that blogging about my training or lack thereof correlates strongly to how committed I am to actually working out.  Like anything, if I am public about my goals and intents, I am much more likely to actually see it through and thereby succeed.

One of the stumbling blocks I have encountered the past couple of years is that now that my children are older, it is not as easy to get outside for a run and like most, the treadmill is monotonous and I view it as a necessary evil to assure my training stays on course on days of inclement weather or when necessary to squeeze in a quickie.  However, I much prefer to run outside ... on a trail preferably ... particularly for long runs (in other words, anything longer than an hour).

Since my last race (Eugene Half Marathon in May of 2012), my brother and I have batted around the idea of running Eugene again - together - in 2013.  Sadly, circumstances have come up ... the stars have NOT aligned ... and we will not be able to do so.  We both have conflicts and he isn't even sure he can go the distance as his knees have been troubling him.  Thus, we won't make plans to run one together until he finishes a half independently (Eugene 2013 would have been his first).  I'll keep hoping that we can someday run a race together again - we ran cross country in high school together - so it would be very memorable.

In the mean time, I have been trying to find motivation to keep myself focused on training.  It is sooooo very easy to talk myself out of a workout when I have no carrot or race in front of me to keep me honest. As we are new to California, there are numerous races throughout the state that appeal to me.  When I stumbled upon the California Half and Full Marathon Series ... I knew immediately that this was the challenge I needed.

There are in fact three distinct challenges to choose from:

4 Race Challenge  ::  Run any combination of half or full marathons on the series in the North or South Region to qualify for the series finishers medal. (Need 3 races or 3 points minimum).  Complete the series and receive a very special award by earning a 4th point at a final medal qualifying race.  
7 Race Challenge  ::  Run seven or more races on the series and receive a very special reward…You will be glad you did.  Runners running this challenge will receive the medal as well.
Top Points Challenge  ::  At the end of the year, we add the points up and see who has the most. Winners get a nice award for this.   Male and Female Open and Masters 3 deep for the State. (12 awards total).
I doubt I'll be in contention for Top Points but I am definitely aiming for the 7 Race Challenge.  Wish me luck!!

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