Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 Things Thursday

Health / Training :: I have come down with a head cold and feel miserable.  I was supposed to swim yesterday but I cancelled due to fatigue and a terrible headache.  As such, I doubt I'll do much in the way of exercise the next couple of days.  I just hate being sick.  No one really takes care of mommy.  I'm still expected to do all that I do when I am well.  Not fair!

Science Logic :: I am really excited about the little business that I have been building.  I have been writing all of my favorite science lessons as well as teaching other kids again.  Teaching is certainly a passion of mine - I feel so alive in front of a class of enthusiastic young learners.  Sharing my passion for science.  Best of all - as I'm teaching a K-3 class this time around, my own kiddos are participating!  We are all having such a good time.

I am hoping to develop a dedicated website (rather than a blog) but I've run into some road blocks with the URL so any help / suggestions ya'll could provide would be very much appreciated!  :)
Well-Trained Mind :: This past week has been really good.  The kiddos have been motivated and have done the work expected of them without fussing or complaint.  Buddy's attitude has really improved these past few weeks and he is even helping out with chores and tasks around the house.  I almost had to wonder if we brought home the wrong boy from Canada.

[Admin Note ::  In the past, I used to participate in the Thursday Thirteen blog challenge, on occasion.  That got to be difficult ... coming up with a list of 13 things for a given topic.  I love the short and sweet nature of the 3 Things Thursday so I hope to begin playing along.  I just wanted to note that I'll continue to use the 'Thursday 13' label to keep things cohesive. ]

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  1. I'm doing the half next week instead of the full. I'll cheer for you if you're doing the full.


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