Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Things Thursday :: 2nd Edition

Health / Training :: I am on the mend and looking to resuming training.  I ran 2 miles on Sunday ... barefoot.  It felt great and I only got a couple of minor blisters on three toes.  1/3 a mile was on black asphalt and the remainder of the distance alternated between concrete driveways and lawn.  I essentially ran a .33 mile loop in my neighborhood as my kiddos alternately accompanied me on their bike.  Sticking to a training plan depends a great deal on getting my little guy off his training wheels so he can comfortably ride longer distances. 

Thankfully, I haven't registered for anything yet and I don't feel the pressure to stick to a training plan.  I finally let go of the self-imposed pressure and am enjoying the opportunity to workout when I can, knowing that when things settle down I will be able to enjoy training again.  There is a season for everything I remind myself.

I essentially have no running base whatsoever, though with my swimming base, I can comfortably run a 10K (maybe a little more).  It is a little difficult to decide from where to begin a training plan.  My thought right now is that I will focus on building my foot & lower leg muscle strength by gradually increasing my barefoot runs.  I'll use the Vibram when the terrain warrants protection from gravel and slivers.  It is a lot of fun ... so you can be sure to hear more as I progress.

Traveling :: These past two months, we have been doing a lot of traveling ... a 10 day vacation in British Columbia & Alberta, Canada in early April was preceded by a short business trip to Olympia, Washington and a separate trip to the Oregon south coast to see our parents.  Last week brought us to the Columbia Gorge (Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington) for another business trip.  We will be traveling to the coast again soon in early May.  We're all looking forward to staying home hereafter for a while.  Fortunately, the kiddos are great travelers.  

Education / Well-Trained Mind :: Despite the fact that our schedule has been really full with our recent travels and additional obligations (GEMS Astronomy, Yearbook, an additional Roots & Shoots gathering each month), we seemingly are getting more formal lessons completed than we have previously.  I believe this is partially due to Buddy's personal growth.  He seems a little more focused and willing to complete his lessons.  There is less whining amongst the two of them and more effort on their part to put forth their best effort.  I am delighted.


  1. Thanks for the updates! Love those shoes. :) I got some surf socks from a local store and love feeling like I'm walking barefoot - but knowing I won't get a slice in the foot from a random shell or piece of glass. :) Thanks for keeping in touch!

  2. Barefoot running, huh?! That's a whole different ballgame! :)

    Wow! That is a lot of traveling! How fun!

  3. lovely VFFs :-) I'm going to ask for some of those for sumfin... Father's Day? Glad to hear your on auto pilot!! and the fam is doing well :-)


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