Monday, June 1, 2009

Practice Cut Short ...

First swim in nearly 2 weeks as Sweetie has been sick and we had guests... The first 100m (long course) and I thought to myself, "Boy. That seems long." I shook it off and proceeded with my warm-up not aware of the planned workout for the day as I neglected to look - sometimes it is better not knowing.

Managed to get in 800m (500 m mixed stroke and 300m w/ fins) before Coach Bob stopped us for announcements. We did 4 x 50m backstroke drill and then proceeded with the main set. There were a lot of swimmers today - tri season is definitely here!

The main set was all freestyle: 400m, 300m, 200m, and 100m. I went out a little fast on the 400 so I stopped after 300 to let a few swimmers past me. Thereafter, I found my niche and felt good behind Scott - good bubbles. :) As we approached the half-way mark on our 200, I caught Scott's feet so I happened to look up and saw a bunch of swimmers getting out. I thought, "How odd! Why is everyone getting out?" Scott kept going but as I touched the wall, the others indicated we needed to get out on account of lightning.

Darn! Just when I was getting into the comfort zone. Proof that a solid warm-up is a good idea before any swim or run!

In the end, I completed 2000m - I'm pleased. Now I just need to stay focused and stick to a plan! I think I need to register for something to keep me honest.

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  1. I got that this seems long yesterday in the lake too. Of course, in my case, it was long (120 meters versus 110). Welcome back to the pool. Glad sweetie is feeling better...


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