Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Neglect & Attention

I've obviously neglected my blog. My mother even inquired, "Why haven't you been posting on your running blog?" I suppose it is because I haven't been running, was how I replied. I've been swimming but who wants to read the repeated workout details when nothing of significance came to mind? I just need to be more attentive, I guess. Afterall, this blog isn't solely about running. It's about me. So, as such, I vow to post more often.

Of note, I have been thijavascript:void(0)nking about running. The weather here has been spectacular and I desire more than anything to lace up my Asics and hit the trail. However, my right heel has continued to plague me. It flairs up after every run and will continue to give me little reminders that it has not yet departed.

I thereby have sought out alternative treatments. I have been seeing an acupuncturist. Thus far, I have had only one session. It was both painful (though very brief) and very relaxing. I'll write more about this experience as I continue treatment.

Until then, run long and strong, my friends.


  1. Sorry to hear your foot is still hurting - Bummer...
    I find swimming more strenuous than running!
    BTW. Love your new look!

  2. You haven't been the only one neglecting the blog. I'm guilty as charged! But I'm starting up again too, I promise!

    And I agree with Kara - I do like the new look!


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