Monday, February 2, 2009

What Have I Done Lately?

To satisfy my curiosity?

I have been reading a lot lately. So many different avenues... Most recently I have finished Stubborn Twig - which has led to an interest in learning more about WWII and Asian Culture (predominately Chinese in an effort to cultivate my daughter's passion). I am currently reading Animal Vegetable Miracle - and though I am only about 2/3 complete, I am already questioning my own food choices. We will definitely be making some changes and eating more locally. I'll be posting more on this soon.

I have also recently come across a great website that enables readers to document the bunny trails or as they call them, Reading Trails, that we tend to follow as one book leads us to another and so on. I have started 2 such trails and look forward to adding to them as I proceed in my self-education. I encourage you to check it out. Here are the links to mine: Asian Culture & Immigration and Mindful Healthy Eating.

To feed my passions?

I have many passions. They ebb and flow. I teach. I read. I run. I swim. I write. I blog. I scrapbook. I learn. I grow.

To express my creativity?

I continue to express myself creatively by scrapbooking. However, I haven't done much scrapbooking lately - I am very behind. My girlfriend and I are embarking on another challenge - whom ever scrapbooks the least pages buys the other lunch! We start on the 10th - I'm looking forward to the challenge as it always motivates me.

The kiddos and I do a lot of art projects, however. We recently explored a new medium - polymer clay. It is time consuming but very fun. I look forward to doing more.
Additionally, I hope to express myself more in the kitchen - inspired by Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle. I would like give cheese making a try - as well as increase my forte with canning my own fruits and vegetables. My mother did a lot of canning when I was little. I have a pressure canner - I just need to jump in. :)

To put my skills to the test?

On Saturday, I participated in the 1-Hour Postal Swim Challenge. How far can you swim in 1 hour? A few months ago, I did a similar challenge (3000 Postal - Check!) and I completed it in just under an hour. Therefore, my goal for the 1-Hour was to hit at least 3200 yards. As we were out of town this past weekend, I wasn't able to swim in my regular poo
l... with my friends and teammates. Rather, I swam at a different pool - outdoors no less - with another team.
DH came along to time me and record my splits. It was great to have him along - an opportunity to see me swim competitively (with myself, anyway), to swim for health and fitness rather than for recreation at the lake or beach.

Unlike my home pool, I was able to see the clock each time I took a breath on the south side. This was certainly helpful in some respects... at the 30 min mark I asked, "What's my distance?" He replied, "1600." I then knew that if I maintained pace, I would hit my mark. The last minute or so, I gave it my all - really pushing to finish the last 50+... I touched the wall and stopped. Everyone yelled, "You got 5 seconds! Keep going!" I was out of steam. I thereby backstroked/breaststroked until I heard the cowbells ring.

I was delighted when DH told me I had just made it! Phew!


We ask this of our children, but what about ourselves?

Are we living the lifestyles we want for our children?

And if not, then what are we telling them with our example?

Your thoughts?


  1. I may not know exactly what you've done lately, but I can sure bet it has NOT been a whole lotta nuthin :-)

  2. Great job on the swim challenge! That is very impressive!

    I would love to read that book Animal Vegetable Miracle. I love Kingsolver and it sounds like interesting subject.

    One of my favorite memories of my late grandma is spending an entire summer day making peach jam and canning it. :)

  3. I love the post.. and the site for the book trails. You did terrific on the swim challenge!

  4. You are an amazing person Makita. I thank God for you.


  5. I can't wait to hear what you think about the book...


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