Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I most assuredly will run Eugene again in 2009. I'll use the Peterson Ridge Rumble 30K as a solid training run beforehand as well as a few shorter races (Horse Butte 10 miler + Grin & Bear It 10K). After that... the sky is the limit.

Perhaps I should consider this or this ?? Of course, if I go with the second... I can use this one or even this one in preparation.

ORN: 5 miles: 1/2 mi warm-up; 3 x 1 mile @ Tempo (8:28, 7:58, 8:22); and 1 1/2 mi cool-down.


  1. YEAH!! Do an IM!! You know you want too ;-)

  2. My advice would be to NOT jump into a half iron distance without doing at least a couple of shorter tris first. It's not that I don't think you can't handle it, just that the experience would be invaluable and make the race much more pleasant!!

  3. That's what I'm thinking, too, Wes. Since I posted this a few hours ago, I've since decided against Boise. This will enable me to do at least 2 smaller Tris in preparation for Lake Stevens instead. Unfortunately, Pacific Crest doesn't have a sprint option so I may opt to do something else. I'm on the prowl. :D

  4. That's so cool you're delving into the world of tri's! Just thinking of swimming 2.4 miles makes me want to drown.


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