Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meeting a Hero

Upon the advice of another runner-blogger, Sean Meissner, I stopped by Fleet Feet after Masters this afternoon to pick-up a Strassburg Sock in hopes that it may help alleviate my PF issues. I didn't expect to see him at the store but was delighted that he was. I have been following his blog for a little more than a year now so getting an opportunity to meet him left me as giddy as a kid in a candy store.

I couldn't quite remember the name of the sock so when the clerk asked, "How can I help you?" my immediate response was, "I'm in need of a sock of some sort." Sean and his colleague replied in stereo, "The Strassburg!" Sean's colleague helped me with a shoe insert and we discussed my arches briefly.

When I had worked up enough gumption, I asked, "Are you Sean?" He replied, "Yes! You must be Makita!" As a middle of the pack runner - I was delighted that he remembered! :D
He recently ran a 2:42:30 PR - winning the Spokane Marathon! He is now training for CIM in hopes of breaking 2:40 - I have every confidance that he will do just that!

I spent a little time asking questions of Sean and his colleague about training, running, and PF. I plan to come back soon for a gait analysis. I have so much to learn to break out of this plateau/funk. I hope to join the Fleet Feet crew for some group runs, too. I'm really looking forward to a new training cycle in January and hope to have a solid 30+ mile per week base established before then.

I now know 2 runners doing the CIM this year (Sean and GB)! I kinda wish I was, too.

OSN: 1100m warm-up (400m w/fins); 350m backstroke drill; 2 x 300m = 2050m
(Coach wasn't there today - so my lane took advantage of George's expertise on the backstroke and we had a backstroke clinic of sorts.)


  1. Hey E! How cool is that to meet Sean! I wish you were running the CIM again this year. As of right now I'm planning to, but with this injury battle going on I don't know for sure from one day to the next.

    Anyway, I'm a huge believer in the Strassburg sock. When I sleep with it every night as well as roll my arches on frozen water bottles, my PF symptoms disappear! Keep working on it... it will get better.

    Now, if only I could swim as well as you!!!

  2. What amazes me is they want to shave 2 minutes off their time, over 26.2 miles. Good Lord :-)

  3. It was great meeting you and your kids, too, yesterday! Thanks for coming in and saying hi. Wear your Strassburg religiously and DON'T GO BAREFOOT! Your PF will heal - I promise.

  4. The people who work in the good running shoe stores really are heroes! I've received a lot of great advice from the people at our local stores, including referrals to doctors who specialize in treating runners. Nobody has mentioned the Strassburg sock. I'm off to Google it now, but would love to read your thoughts after you've been using it for a while.

  5. How cool is that! A fleet feet opened up in my neighborhood two months ago and those guys are amazing. They also leave a cooler with water on the street for anyone running past :)


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