Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finding My Bliss... & The Aftermath

I enjoyed a wonderful run yesterday afternoon. It was a glorious, beautiful fall day and so I opted to go along the river trail. Despite an internal desire to push the pace, I kept myself in control and maintained a solid, easy pace. I crossed over at the bridge and then returned home. The parks & rec department have done a lot of work on the trail (particularly the east side of the trail) since I ran along it last. They've widened areas, put gravel down to smooth out the terrain. I was impressed.

I ran 6.25 miles in just over an hour. My average pace was 9:53 per mile. I'm very pleased. When I got home, I spent a little time stretching. Knowing it is important to avoid injury.

A few hours later that evening, I realize my right heal is bothering me just a little. By dinner, it aches pretty fierce and I find myself trying not to put pressure on it as I walk.

DH wants to go out for our evening walk as a family - I can't say no as it is an important part of our day and an opportunity for us to converse without outside interruption. I take a few ibuprofen and we're off.

He sets a pretty brisk pace and I have to ask him twice to slow down ... revealing my pain to him upon the second request. I had been trying to keep it to myself - hoping, I suppose, that by not verbalizing it, it would go away.

Buddy fell asleep on the walk (yes, we still use the jogging stroller for our walks even though Sweetie, at least, could do the distance on he own) as the kiddos were bundled up in their winter coats and a large fleece blanket. Temperatures have dropped significantly in the past week. It was in the high 50s during our walk with a cold breeze off the mountain.

DH carried Buddy to his bed... DH and Sweetie played for a little while as I cleaned up the kitchen... we then all climbed into our bed and read for awhile (Sweetie enjoyed a new catalog that had come in the mail ... lots of cool educational toys).

When I woke this morning, my right heel was still very painful. I know exactly what it is... Plantars Faciitis. I'm not amused.


  1. Is it the bottom of the heel, or the back? If its the back it could be the bursa. If its the bottom, your expertise trumps anything I might guess :-) Hope its OK soon!!

  2. Didn't you have a bout with this last year? I hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Nice run! I do hope the heel heals quickly. Rest up this weekend.

  4. Stop in the store some time soon so you can get a Strassburg sock - the best cure for PF. And don't go barefoot - EVER!

    Isn't this just the best time of year for running in central Oregon?! The trails are so nice and it's just so pretty out there!


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