Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catching Up

Thursday 10/2

Warmup: 1000m warmup alternate stroke every 100m (600m); 400m w/ fins - I arrived early knowing I had to leave early
Drill: 8 x 50m backstroke
Main Set: 2 rounds: 150m freestyle; 100m breast/back; 50m freestyle, fast
Total: 2000m

Monday 10/6

Warmup: 500m warm-up alternate stroke every 100m (500m); 200m w/fins
Drill: 8 x 50m breast, double pull underwater (don't surface until 25m)
Main Set: 350m, 350m, 250m, 250m, 150m, 150, 50m (didn't have time for last 50m); 2nd one was to be 5 sec faster per 100m
Total: 2650m THE MOST EVER

350s - 7:14, 7:07 / 250s - 5:10, 5:04 / 150s - ?, ?

Tuesday 10/7

45 min family walk


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