Monday, October 20, 2008

2700 Meters!

Wow! Seemingly, Coach Bob has been really increasing the intensity of our swim workouts the past few weeks. It's all good, though.

I arrived at 11:45 am and was able to get a solid 1000m in (mixed stroke every 100m + 400m w/fins) before he stopped us for announcements. We then went into the drill set - 8 x 25m backstroke.

The main set was a doozy - 2 x (350m, 250m, 150m, and 50m). I opted to drop off a 50 on each of the 350s as Kelly was in my lane today along with Roger and Randy. She is quite the froggy... so she was about to lap Randy on the last 50 so he and I both opted to stop rather than goof up the rotation.

2700m in total - Another swim distance PR

The Postal Challenge is just around the corner and my girlfriend and I have decided to do it for the first time. Essentially, we will each swim 3000m and record 100m splits for one another. I'm looking forward to it as it will provide a good measure of my fitness level going into winter.


  1. YAY! Congrats chica! It would be a miracle if I could even do 50m LOL


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