Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've Been Promoted!

Last week, as there were 8 swimmers in Lane 1, Coach Bob promoted me to Lane 2. I didn't know if it was a permanent change or just temporary, but I enjoyed the opportunity to swim with faster swimmers and not be the one leading.

Today, I arrived a little earlier than most and started my warm-up in Lane 1. Within a few minutes, there were 6 swimmers in my lane and only 3 in Lane 2. So even though Bob was absent (he's gone all week, but he posted the work-out for us) and not available to confirm, I took it upon myself to switch.

The swimmers in Lane 2 seem to have a lot of fun... Roger was giving Randy a hard time for always arriving late. Ann, George and Murphy (the tri-coach) were also there - kidding each other and making jokes. I like this group much better and am very pleased to not be the leader anymore... I'm thereby able to push myself a little harder. I plan to stay here... depending on stroke, I'm generally in the middle of the pack so I figure it is a better place for me.

Today's workout:
400 m warm-up (100 m breast, 100 m free, 100 m back, 100m free)
150 m kicking (back, fly drill, fly)
6 x 200 m descending in 3s
200 m individual medley (fly free back free breast free free free)
Total 1950 m


  1. Way to go!! Being in the middle of a fast pack is a great place to be

  2. Nice job on the promotion!! Sounds like you had a great swim!

  3. WHOOO HOOOO!! I'm like that too (in general not in swimming terms since I don't do it :P) I'd rather have someone to chase than having everyone else chase me LOL

  4. That's great! And those swim times look like you earned it.


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