Sunday, May 4, 2008

Very Quickly

Finishing Time: 3:55:259

I'm elated! More soon.


  1. Great job, you beat 4 hours! I didn't, started out that way, but finished at 4:16.
    Sorry I missed you- all I saw at the 9 minute flag was a sea of people! I was on the sidewalk even with the 9 minute pacer and ended up starting from there.

  2. CONGRATS!!! ;D ;D ;D Can't wait to see this report!

  3. Jeff - I was right next to the 9:00 pacer... I looked for you and I think I saw you on the sidewalk but because I couldn't see your bib, I wasn't sure.

    I look forward to your report! :D

  4. Makita,

    I ran a 5k today and PRed. You can check out my report at .

    I hope you are still recovering well from your marathon PR.



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