Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just 6 Days

I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon (sunny skies, with just a little wind and can you believe a little snow!) to go out for a run. As I was fortunate to not have the kiddos this time, I opted for a tempo run rather than the prescribed speed work (which I can do tomorrow on the treadmill).

I nailed 4 miles in 33:46 for an average pace of 8:26. I felt really strong the entire time and am feeling more confidant for Sunday. However, I am just going to take it all in stride and see where the road takes me. My ultimate goal being to have a good time.

The 'party' should get started early Saturday. We'll depart the high desert for the valley shortly after breakfast. We will go to the Expo first and get the necessary tasks done early. Hopefully we will be able to meet my brother and his family at a park that afternoon for some playtime/visiting. Then it's PF Changs for dinner with Kong and Bar. We'll thereby discuss the particulars for race day; where they will cheer me on, who will accompany Sweetie on her fun run, plans for a brunch afterwards (?), etc.

I've contacted JeffM and Kara and hope that I'll be able to meet them at some point as well. Perhaps at the Expo or race day morning... we'll see what develops.

My heart goes out to all of you who have continually helped pull me up when I got down and struggled this training cycle. Thank you!

OH! And after the marathon this weekend, I'll reach a big milestone... any guesses what it might be? I'll send a little something something to the one who guesses correctly! :D


  1. Great tempo run. You should do really well in the Marathon this weekend, (especially with that immodium on board).

  2. Nothing to do now but stay rested and visualize success. Enjoy the week!

  3. Great tempo! Enjoy your race and have a great weekend - I'll be waiting for you report.

    Some kind of a mileage landmark??

  4. You'll have qualified for Boston!! Yea!! I'm sending you my address :-)

    P.S. Stay away from Blue Cheese Steak Salad. You're welcome :-D

  5. I was going to say the same thing as Akshaye, 3,000 miles?!? I don't know how long you've been running LOL

  6. Good luck! Have fun! Run fast!

    Are you turning 30?

  7. Nice little tempo run there on marathon week to keep your legs sharp! I hope you have a great run. Remember that you have had solid training (regardless of the recent minor burn-out) and you're ready. Enjoy the day!

    Milestone: double digit marathons (i.e., your 10th)?

  8. I sent you my cell phone # using the email on your profile. If you didn't get it my email is: macey51@comcast.net

  9. Wow, you are swift! Good luck on your marathon! Hmm..I was thinking the big 30 too!

  10. I hope the race went well! I just wanted to wish you on race day.


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